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Complete Hyundai Accent Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Hyundai Accent Car Model Review

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You are here, because you are thinking about replacing your old hoot with something pocket-friendly, but with great features, ravishing style, and reasonable price. You are looking for a ride that can satisfy your needs and a ride that you can boost around with other people. I get it. You want a Hyundai Accent.

Hyundai Accent car model review

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Having a Hyundai Accent is one of the best things that could ever happen to you. You could explore enticing places, while you get to enjoy its alluring exterior, high tech interior, and nimble speed. Plus, you could bring this beauteous and reasonable priced ride whenever and wherever you desired as long as you take good care of it.

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After three years, the new version of Hyundai Accent upgraded the passenger’s safety by putting airbags in the seats, and it also added entertainment by surrounding it with a stereo. Then in 2000, Hyundai Accent’s models such as hatchback GS and sedan GL has improved and upgraded its speed rates, which was praised by most of its users.

Even Hyundai Accent’s sleek style captured the heart of its owners. Its smooth look is looking pretty obvious on its sedan or hatchback body style, which was made with premium material that Hyundai owners find so appealing. However, its bold colors (e.g. Pacific Blue, Boston Red, Ultra Black), fluid design, 16-inch alloy wheels, and jewel-like projector headlights with LED highlights are somewhat average looking for some owners.

But others still see Hyundai Accent as their future ride, and I agree with them. Hyundai Accent is a charming ride. I mean, what is not to like about it? It has an all-black premium leather seats. It has a roomy space and a scanty rear seat, which is intended for a 6 footer passenger to occupy. Plus, it has refined interior features including the complete set of embedded airbags in seats, a highly provided brake control system, a child safety lock, and other more extravagant safety features that only a Hyundai Accent can offer to you.

Not just that. There are automotive shops who even commend the admirable ride. Starting with Edmunds who is so amazed by the high end materials used to build Hyundai Accent. Then, there is Consumer Guide who is so astonished on a detailed classic design embedded on the surface of Hyundai Accent. Both automotive shops see some things in common with the ride, and that it provides 100% comfort and safety, and that it offers an easy to manage interior features for passengers.

But there is more to love about Hyundai Accent other than its splendid look and refined features. You might also fall into its engine power, which is also a recognized part of the ride. I mean, you couldn’t hate its 1.6 liter four cylinder engine that makes a 137 horsepower. You just couldn’t resist its fast speed especially that it also features an automatic and manual transmission that both got a speed of 6.

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Numerous automotive shops such as AutoTrader, Edmunds, and Consumers Guide actually applauded Hyundai Accent’s engine performance. AutoTrader said that its engine remains quiet even if it went full speed. However there is a bit of power shortage according to some owners while plenty of power to others. Edmunds even emphasized that Hyundai Accent’s 137 horsepower is not really a big deal, but its quick and smooth ride just beat its other competitors in the market. Consumers Guide also added that Hyundai Accent provides sufficient speed that can drive along a still road.

But there are other Hyundai owners who aren’t please with its performance. Some prefer Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic. While some owners are really fond of Hyundai Accent’s dynamic performance and smooth handling, and even car magazines can attest to that.

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Automobile Magazine said that it is not the most exciting ride that he was ever driven, but his

satisfaction was guaranteed enough by Hyundai Accent. Popular Magazine added that it doesn’t have an

agile handling just like from a Mazda 2, and it doesn’t contain a sharp control feature of a Fiesta as well. According to the latter magazine, what Hyundai Accent can boost is its comfort, powerful speed, and quiet motor engine that most of its owners are fond of.

Hyundai Accent may not be for sports driving like Ford Fiesta, but it gives strong brakes and tranquil driving experience. Plus, it provides coziness inside as Left Lane News said it.

Well, I couldn’t agree more to Left Lane News. Hyundai Accent is definitely one of the most relaxed hoots I ever had, and I am sure that you will agree with me once you get a ride of it. But, know that it is not the world’s perfect ride, so there will always be some negative feedback about it. However, I assure you that having a Hyundai Accent is worth it.

It is worth the price, because you and your entire family will absolutely love its quality and roomy interior. Plus, you will never ever feel bad in manipulating its high end features, because all are so easy to control and are so safe to use. It may not be an ideal sports car, but its speed is fast enough to give you a memorable journey.

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And as I have considered, Hyundai Accent is more than just a three door hatchback or a four door sedan ride. It is a beauteous ride that gives a lot of power to drive you around places you hoped to wander with your family. It will constantly be a hoot in good shape. It may always be provided by its bold style, fluid design, luxurious accessories, and refined specs. But no matter how many times it upgraded its looks, engine power, and features, you can always have Hyundai Accent for a reasonable price.

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