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Hyundai Eon Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Hyundai Eon Car Model Review

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A car that is perfect for city driving, the Hyundai Eon doesn’t also deliver the most basic answer of getting to and fro in the urban jungle – it’s also packed with surprises that will delight even the most dedicated motoring enthusiasts.

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It’s Eye Candy

The Hyundai Eon exudes a fluid and impressive design – a wonder for a small entry-level car!

With the Hyundai hexagonal grille as the centrepiece attraction, the Eon’s curvy design flows seamlessly, integrating key and functional accents that are fascinating to look at.

Particularly, the car’s headlamps, stretched along the hood, create the impression that the Eon is larger than it looks. For functional yet tastefully designed features, the Hyundai Eon’s front bumper isn’t only sculpted to impress – an air dam and subtle fog lamp housing ports fit right in to the overall top-aesthetic look. Additionally, swoop headlamps flow seamlessly at the Hyundai Eon’s sides, another form-and-function integration that delights! Speaking of which, the Eon’s side doors are designed with reinforced material – offering stylish yet safety-first elements into the car.

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The Hyundai Eon’s rear is exceptionally designed as well. Again, with curves as a main highlight, the car’s tail lamps complement both the back windscreen and the boot lid. With extra-large reflectors, both car visibility (a definite safety factor) and visual appearance are both improved upon. Overall, the car’s exterior design presents a neat package that offers subtle aesthetic elements to behold.

Onto the interior – one can definitely be impressed with the design elements inside! Presenting the beautiful dashboard as the main attraction, the curvaceous design elements outside continue to flow seamlessly within.

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Even the basic dashboard elements of the gauge cluster – AC controls and vents, speedometer, tachometer, infotainment features – follow the subtle form-and-function philosophy of design. The steering wheel, with a cool and black finish, offers a welcome touch of control. The seats, comfortable and spacious, are surprises that can even provide smart space solutions for all sorts of trips.

Pocket Rocket Power and Performance

Considering its size, the Hyundai Eon’s 814cc MPI engine provides impressive power output that delivers the necessary oomph for city driving.

Capable of delivering a maximum power output of 56 PS at 5500 revs per minute, the Eon is definitely a car that can provide exciting and memorable drives. Also, with a top speed of 125-130 kmph, the Hyundai Eon may just be able to pack a punch on the highway!

Emphasizing its size and power, the Hyundai Eon is the perfect car to get into when exploring the many wonders and tight corners of an urban jungle. Parking is a breeze – its size-efficient design makes even the tightest spots seem like massive spaces to park!

Also, the Hyundai Eon’s suspension system is an engineering wonder – featuring a McPherson strut suspension system, coil springs, an anti-roll bar, and powerful shock absorbers, this car has the necessary support for safe and comfortable drives.

Braking isn’t a problem as well – 13-inch front disk brakes and innovative rear drum ones provide the necessary stopping power when a motorist demands for it.

Practicality is a Priority

Of course, one of the prized highlights that the Hyundai Eon is best known for is its practicality. Its price tag, the one thing that first-time drivers look at, is a wonderful figure to stare at!

Fuel economy is also one of the most fantastic benefits motorists can experience in the Hyundai Eon. The engine’s 0.8L, 814cc power mill dishes out optimum power and fuel efficiency – a great combination when one prioritizes gasoline prices and car maintenance!

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Complementing the fuel economy factor of the Hyundai Eon, the 5-speed manual transmission only assures drivers that they get their money’s worth on gasoline consumption. Also, the Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) system delivers impressive steering response and reduced steering complexity – boosting as well the car’s fuel efficiency factor.

Small Additions for Big Surprises

The Hyundai Eon is packed with big surprises.

Micro Antenna

Another form and function design philosophy integration, the Hyundai Eon’s micro antenna delivers crystal-clear reception on both FM and AM bands. The antenna looks good as well, providing a memorable look for the car.

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Trunk Space

Who would have known that a small car can fit a lot in its trunk? Another seamless design element integrated together with the car’ functionality, the Eon’s trunk provides ample space for urban dwellers and the like.

Hyundai Eon

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Climate Control

Both motorists and passengers can be assured that they will always have comfortable drives in the Hyundai Eon. The car’s climate control system can provide both cool and warm settings, with a 4-speed AC blower and front heater core to provide the perfect mood for a trip.

Infotainment System

The Hyundai Eon’s infotainment system features a practical yet entertaining take on audio performance. Additionally, motorists gain control of their music tracks with aux input and USB port compatibility features. Also, a power outlet is also available in the car – perfect to charge your mobile devices on the go!

The Perfect Car for the City

The Hyundai Eon may just be the perfect car for city driving. Designed to please and perform, equipped with a set of small yet wonderful features, and prioritizing practicality above everything, this car definitely delivers fun rides for all! Hop in and experience how fantastic the Hyundai Eon is today.

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