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Yamaha Aerox 155 orange

Key Features of Yamaha Aerox 155 – The Fastest Automatic Motorcycle

Category: News and Events

The world of automobiles is vast, with elements ranging from four- to two-wheel machines all included. Like the extensive diversification in four-wheeled automobile segment, the two-whee...Read More

World's Highest Paid Celebrities With Their Expensive Cars

World’s Highest Paid Celebrities With Their Expensive Cars

Category: Hot Topic

Hollywood is all about the glitz and glam, the fame and fortune, and all fancy stuff! It is also the home of celebrities and famous personalities. In a day in LA, it is not new to see to...Read More

Honda Civic Type car model side view

Key Features of Honda Civic Type R

Category: News and Events

Honda Civic is a wonderful car adorned with some great features and driver’s oriented setup. Now, imagine this car with added topping of masculine look, powerful engine and equally imp...Read More

Hyundai Accent & Honda City, Know the Better Pick

Honda City & Hyundai Accent, Know the Better Pick

Category: News and Events

Cars like Accent and City are called Sub-compact sedans. They are an affordable version of high-end sedans only missing on some luxury features and shading a bit on the dimension front. ...Read More

Top 10 Must Have Car Miscellaneous of Every Driver

Top 10 Must Have Car Miscellaneous of Every Driver

Category: Hot Topic

When you own a car, you want it to be the best it could be. The built-in features are not enough, really. That’s why most car enthusiasts also invest on buying accessories for their mo...Read More

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Ford Fiesta Car Model

Ford Fiesta Supermini Car Model

Category: Car Reviews

Ford Fiesta car model has been produced in South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, India, China, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and in Europe. Right now, the sales of all the generation of the Fo...Read More

Review of the Nissan GT-R: the car that is smarter than you think

Review of the Nissan GT-R: the car that is sm...

Category: Super Cars

This car is very powerful. The problem is that it has a limiter that limits the speed to 180 Kph (112 mph). But then the moment you arrive on a race track, it automatically turns off the...Read More

know how smog checks are done

Know How Smog Checks are Done

Category: Environment Friendly Cars

Smog checks are one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your car is working efficiently. A smog check is actually a test which is done on the exhaust system of yo...Read More

The Benefits of Tuning Up Your Vehicles Engine

The Benefits of Tuning Up Your Vehicles Engin...

Category: Tips and Techniques

Have you ever been in a situation wherein your car's engine just stood still and stopped running while you were in the middle of the road? Chances are, you have not come to a locomotive ...Read More

2010 Nissan Altima Coupe

2010 Nissan Altima Coupe

Category: Car Reviews

The Altima line of Nissan gets a total overhaul from its previous 2007 line and adapts a much sleeker and sportier look that combines coupe features and continuously variable transmissio...Read More

The Bugatti Veyron - the World’s Fastest Street-legal Car

The Bugatti Veyron – the World’s Fast...

Category: Super Cars

At its top speed, the tires will only last about 15 minutes but that’s okay because the fuel will only run for 12. Those were the words of Top Gear’s host James May as he appr...Read More

The Culture of Cars: A comparison of American, European, and Japanese Cars.

The Culture of Cars: A comparison of American...

Category: Comparisons of Cars

The creation will always have a reflection of the creator’s identity. For this case, we examine how cars are made and how they reflect the place where it is built from. From our analys...Read More

Mini Cooper S - Great Speed and Driving Features in a Small Package

Mini Cooper S – Great Speed and Driving...

Category: Car Reviews

There’s no other euro car that shines on being an instant classic like the Mini, it is considered a British Icon since the 1960’s due to its space saving front wheel drive allowed fo...Read More

Toyota Aygo - For Petrolheads and Football Fans

Toyota Aygo – For Petrolheads and Footb...

Category: Car Reviews

Small cars aren't just economical, if you were willing you can use it to play football with some friends. [ads-inner-1] The Toyota Aygo is so small and and easy to handle that you ...Read More

Ferrucio Lamborghini: the Story of How a Tractor Maker Decided to Go Against Ferrari

Ferrucio Lamborghini: the Story of How a Trac...

Category: History of Cars

Not many people know that the car-making company Lamborghini started out as a tractor-manufacturing company. The reason for the shift from farm vehicles to super cars would be because of...Read More

List of Topics / Random
Truth about The Juke Key Features Highlighted Feature

7 Things That Might Make You Buy Nissan Juke

Category: News and Events

Nissan has some great cars under its shed, hailing from different segments with each car standing out in its respective fields. On the one hand, it has plush, and luxury ridden cars like...Read More

2016 Global Car Sales Statistics Volkswagen Group Reaches the Top

2016 Global Car Sales Statistics – Volkswag...

Category: News and Events

2016 was a good year for car manufacturers out there in the world. That’s because the number of cars that were being sold was increased by 6% when compared to previous year. Even thoug...Read More

mitsubishi montero sport 2016 front medium view

A Sneak Peak at Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2016...

Category: News and Events

The rugged SUV from the stable of Mitsubishi multinational car manufacturer, Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2016 landed on the shores of the Philippines back in January 2016. Since then it has...Read More

93 Photos: The Monster Trucks of Manila Auto ...

Category: Car Show

See the List of All Cars Presented in Other Related Car show 87 Photos: The Custom Cars of Manila Auto Salon 2016 See the L...Read More

Chevrolet Spin

All you need to Know about Chevrolet Spin ...

Category: News and Events

Chevrolet Spin is a mini multi-purpose utility vehicle that was introduced by General Motors in the year 2012. The car is available worldwide but with a change in borders, also changes i...Read More