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Full & Honda Jazz Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Honda Jazz Car Model Review

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Honda Jazz car model review

Image source: wikimedia.org

Some cars are like clothes. You buy it, because it suits you. You use it, because it provides comfort in you. Choosing the right hoot is like shopping for apparels. You want it sleek and stylish and at the same time appropriate for your age. It is just like wanting a Honda Jazz. Whether it is the classic or the latest model you want, either one of these rides suits you and you are old enough to drive it.


Before Honda Jazz was discovered, it was produced by a well-known car manufacturer, Honda. Honda started in post war, the time when many rides were destroyed. Honda’s success began since Japanese Siochora Honda founded the company in 1948. But it was in 1986 when the company introduced its first line of luxury car, which immediately boomed in the market scene.

After three years, Honda introduced the Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (V-Tec) car model. It is a system created to improve the fuel economy of the ride. Ever since its invention, Honda continued improving its power and safety features. Honda also invented the famous FCX Clarity model, which is powered by the non-polluting fuel hydrogen cells.

In 2001, Honda Jazz’ first generation was launched in the market. Consumers noticed that its style and function are meant for old consumers. In 2007, Honda Jazz upgraded some of its features, but its look in its second generation still remained the same. Currently in its third generation, Honda produced a style that’s totally different from its previous generations.

It made a modern and fashionably looking ride, which specifically targets the youth. Honda Jazz’ third generation became a hit to young ones. It looks so funky, so tasteful, and so comfy. It made Honda Jazz an award winning ride. It received prestigious titles from EURO NCAP and Carbuyer Awards including ‘Best in Class Supermini in 2015’ and ‘Most Reliable Car in 2015’ respectively.

Euro NCAP also known as European New Car Assessment Programme leads in the safety ratings of new cars and gives information to consumers about it, while Carbuyer Awards is an annual event that gives constant recognition to best cars of the year.

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Exterior and Interior

Honda Jazz’ new and improved look became a huge success, and youngsters became fond of it. Its current look is totally different from its previous generations that most of its owners are old folks. Honda Jazz’ current style is made sharper, exterior designed bolder, and interior styled classier, so youngsters could ride along.

Speaking of interior, the new Honda Jazz feels roomier when you look at its inside compared to the previous models. Passengers can’t literally break a leg for it has a wide space designed in its four-to-five seater hatchback. It even brags about its incomparable coziness among competitors like Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Pro, and Hyundai i20.

Honda Jazz has every right to boast around, because it has proven its model as a safe ride by earning the five-star rating of Euro NCAP in 2015. It even has upgraded safety features including Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS), driver’s airbags, passenger’s airbag, side airbags, remote locking, Power Assisted Steering (PAS), Electric mirrors, front electric mirrors, heated mirrors, Traction control, and so on.

Engine Power and Performance

Another thing that Honda Jazz has proved to its consumers is dependability as a hatchback. It is currently eligible as UK’s most reliable ride. It may not be the fastest ride, but I am pretty sure that its 1.3 to 1.5 liter four cylinder is not bad at all. Its 1.3 liter speed has an agile rate like an automatic, while its 1.5 liter speed has a sports mode rate. Whichever you prefer, Honda Jazz’ performance will always be outstanding as proven by the teams of car magazines.

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One of these teams is from Automobile Magazine. The magazine said that its 130 horse power is everything. Its engine provides a dashing speed just like a sports car, while AutoBlog’s team added that it is an outgoing ride that has a dynamic speed intended for everyday drive.

Honda Jazz Interior

Image source: wikimedia.org


The fun fact is driving Honda Jazz is just a piece of cake, and some owners may agree to that. But others find it a challenge. They noticed that it’s best driven in a smooth road, because it tends to bounce in every bumpy road, and it is an unpleasant experience for them. Let’s take note that Honda Jazz is not for extreme escapades. It is not your ideal off-road ride that’s why some of its owners find that it lacks steering precision when going on bumpy roads or rough patches. But no matter what the circumstances are, it can omit road and wind noises. Thanks to its Noise, Harness, and Vibration (NHV) feature.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be surprised with the ride’s imperfections, because all things are a work in progress. It’s a process to perfect its entire built. However, others find Honda Jazz as an impeccable ride that is spacious, luxurious, agile, and stylish.

Honda Fit Hatchback Rear View


So this is the part where I challenge you. Are you going to take or slay this ride? Well, it is up to you. But, today is your opportunity to decide. The opportunity of getting an award winning ride that is so rare you can benefit a lot from it. Other rides don’t totally provide 100% comfort and safety, and it is what makes Honda Jazz stands out. Honda Jazz improves its interior features for the safety of its drivers and passengers generation by generation. It is the main reason Honda Jazz was entitled as 2015’s Best Super Mini Car and Most Reliable Car.

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Plus, Honda Jazz has more to give to you, old man or youngster. It might provide classic looking models, which is in its first to second generation. It can also provide a classier and trendier ride, which is in its current generation. Whatever your tastes are and whatever your age is, you can always choose which model you prefer from the award winning Honda Jazz.

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