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Complete Toyota Corolla Altis Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Toyota Corolla Altis Car Model Review

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When it comes to a car that strikes the perfect balance of performance and style, nothing comes closer than the Toyota Corolla Altis. As one of the most popular models from the Japanese car manufacturer, the Altis is truly an engineering wonder that motorists of different driving styles attest to its excellence. The Corolla Altis’ reputation as an “everyday car” that one associates with reliability and sturdiness is constant through every model released.

Toyota Corolla Altis Car Model

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As such, the latest model (the 11th generation model, the 2017 Corolla Altis) is a car that best exemplifies the innovative and engineering progress that Toyota continues to push through the years.

Fitting as well that the latest Altis was launched together in commemoration of Toyota’s 50th anniversary – a great sign showcasing that the car brand offers only the best for its drivers, and that there is much more to look forward to, considering the Altis’ aggressive drive towards being the best vehicle in its class segment. Let’s find out more on why this car is truly a vehicle you ought to own – or, at the very least, get the opportunity to drive!

Masterpiece Design Appreciated by Executives and Racers Alike

The latest Corolla Altis merges the very best aesthetic details of executive cars together with high-performance race cars. It’s edgy, exuding a youthful and energetic ride that can very well be a good representation that Toyota is aggressively changing the way people see what an “everyday car” is.

Commanding attention, the Corolla Altis’ exterior exudes sharp edges and angles that aggressively make the car stand out from the rest. The sharp headlights (featuring Daytime Running Lights) accentuates the sculpted hood and wider built of the car – creating an overall bolder presence that the Corolla Altis really deserves to have on the road!

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Attractive blue lighting illuminates the Altis’ interior – a great match against the chrome accents on the soft leather upholstery. The infotainment touchscreen features several options for the discerning motorist to explore – its user-friendly interface is definitely a benefit that most will enjoy.

Perhaps the latest Altis’ updates on its design are indeed a great step for Toyota. One can only see the appealing design changes are signs of even greater things to come from the Japanese car brand!

Asserting its Presence on the Road

The Toyota Corolla Altis doesn’t only look good – it performs great as well! Powered by a Euro 4-compliant Dual VVT-I engine (that comes with a 7-speed automatic gearbox), power is definitely assured in this vehicle.

It’s the engine under the hood that best represents the Altis’ presence (an impressive one, that is) on the road. Offering just the right amount of power (not too fast and definitely not a slowpoke), the Altis’ gives a balanced level of assertiveness perfect for drives around the metro.

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And speaking of the metro, traffic jams and the like may be – unfortunately – associated with city driving. The Toyota Corolla Altis addresses this through its fuel economy features. For a 2.0L engine, the Altis can hold on to maximizing fuel consumption – a feat on its own for its engine class!

Going the Distance in Both Safety and Comfort

Safety will always be a priority for the Toyota Corolla Altis. As seen with its “Rising Star” for safety award during the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix 2016, one is definitely assured that security and comfort is top-notch in this car.

Multiple airbags (seven, to be precise) are found within the car, placed at key locations (front, sides, along the curtains, and one by the motorist’s knee). The Corolla Altis is also equipped with a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system, Cruise Control system, and a handy Seatbelt Warning alarm system to keep the urgent call of safety up at all times.

Toyota Corolla Altis Car Model Review

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Of course, striking a balance in delivering passenger comfort is also prioritized in the Toyota Corolla Altis. An Automatic Climate control system assures both the driver and his or her passengers that they’ll keep a cool head during trips (perfect for those pesky traffic jams!). Additionally, the Altis’ six speakers will assure passengers of concert-level trips – if they do choose to make use of the impressive sound system!

Yet, the thing is, some of the best and most comfortable features that the Altis has to offer needs to be uncovered and discovered from within. And that, in itself, is a welcome surprise! The car’s electronic and adjustable driver’s seat comes with lumbar support – this allows drivers to customize and set the most suitable seat position for more comfortable drives. It may be a small feature – but given the many and important effects it may have for motorists, more attention needs to be placed on this deserving feature!

Which is to say, when it comes to safety, the latest Altis is an excellent model that continues the safety legacy that the Corolla started. A touch of class and safety combined – probably one of the best highlights that Toyota continues to push with the Corolla Altis!

Expect Only the Best

Breaking the mold of what an “everyday car” should be, the Toyota Corolla Altis is simply one of the best cars to drive today. It’s a comfortable drive that’ll get you from Point A to Point B in one piece and in style. It’s a great ride that’ll impress anyone, and it has the right set of features to make even self-made motorists giggle with joy.

Additionally, the Altis’ priority in safety and comfort is of the highest caliber – making this car even an excellent choice for motorist with families. All in all, this is a highly-recommended car that will delight any motorists – a practical choice, even, given that one is getting all these benefits for a stylish ride!

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Best of all, the latest Altis can be seen as a youthful entry for the Corolla legacy. Given the already mentioned reputation of this line of cars, including a vibrant touch of freedom and youth to combine with the reliability of the Corolla line can very well be a signal of even greater models to expect from Toyota. As for now, the Toyota Corolla Altis is a gateway vehicle towards a brighter and aggressive motoring future for all!

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