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Complete Morris Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Morris Car Models List

Every nation has its own unique contribution to the wide world of automobiles – each with their own unique body style and type, engine power and specifications, and special features that make them stand out. In Great Britain, a motor vehicle manufacturer has already stood for almost a century of the finest service, breaking through wars and economy struggles – it’s the Morris Motors Limited.

Morris Official Logo of the Company

Morris Motors Limited replaced WRM Motors Ltd. on its seven years of operation. It all began in 1912 when a bicycle manufacturer in the name of William Morris decided to shift to the engine-powered world of cars. A year after, Morris’ first car, the 2-seat Morris Oxford Bullnose, was lucky to have found a newly built factory in Oxford Military College at the United Kingdom where it was assembled.

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The success continued despite the outburst of World War I with continued orders and the introduction of a bigger car, the Morris Cowley. The sales boosted in a huge upscale that Morris Motors was able to overtake Ford on the title of being UK’s largest car manufacturer in 1924.

This victory has pushed William Morris to personally buy his suppliers’ businesses, allowing for more units to be introduced regularly. And on 1924, the factory was already in head of the production of 2000 units per week with a minimal work space and labor power.

In 1929, Morris Motors was in chief in the production of London taxicabs, succeeding a previous manufacturer. The same powerful engines by Morris were applied to these taxicabs allowing it to carry four passengers but still retaining speed and maximum power.

Morris Vintage Car Model

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The Morris brand continued to dominate the British roads until the 1980s with cars including the Morris Marina and the Morris Ital. Currently; the Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation owns the rights to the Morris brand. As a commemoration to the first hands who molded Morris Motors to what it is today, William Morris’ journey is compiled at the Morris Motors Museum at the Oxford Bus

Here is the Full List of Morris Car Models and Variants:

  • Morris Fourteen
  • Morris Isis
  • Morris Ital
  • Morris Major
  • Morris MG TD Midget
  • Morris M.G. 1¼-litre
  • Morris Cowley
  • Morris Cowley Six
  • Morris Eight
  • Morris MarinaMorris Marshal
  • Morris Minor
  • Morris Nomad
  • Morris Oxford
  • Morris Six
  • Morris Six MS
  • Morris Ten

    Morris Ten car model

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    The Morris Ten is a mid-size car designed and produced by Morris, a British automaker formed in 1919. It is a 4-door 1292cc car powered by a 10 hp engine. Various generation of the Morris 10 was released from 1932 to 1948 and were assembled in key cities in UK including Cowley, Oxfordshire, and Oxford.

  • Morris Ten Six
  • Morris 2200
  • Morris Oxford bullnose
  • Morris Oxford flatnose
  • Morris 250 JU
  • Morris Commercial J4
  • Morris Mini Cooper 1961
  • Morris Commercial J2
  • Morris C8
  • Morris Austin 1800
  • Morris Mini Saloon De Luxe
  • Morris Oxford Farina
  • Morris Oxford MO
  • Morris Oxford series II
  • Morris Oxford series III
  • Morris Riley 1½-litre
  • Morris Commercial J-type
  • Morris Princess
  • Morris CS9
  • Morris Riley 2½-litre
  • Morris Twelve
  • Morris Twenty-One
  • Morris Wolseley 4/50
  • Morris Wolseley 6/80

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Photos of Morris’ Different Types of Cars

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