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Complete Mini Cooper S Clubman Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Mini Cooper S Clubman Car Model Review

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If there’s one car make that manufactures small-sized automobiles that highlight an upscale design, it’s the Mini. Owned by BMW, Mini is well-known for its models like the Morris Mini-Minor, the Countryman, and the Moke. Then came the “performance” cars and the company called it Mini Cooper because of its partnership with the legendary car racer, John Cooper.

Mini Cooper S Clubman

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Among the series of automobiles, Mini came up with a distinct model, the Mini Cooper Clubman. If you’re familiar with its first generation installments, you probably have already pictured out a small classic-type vehicle with a single rear door. Well, not everyone liked the Clubman. For many, its debut seemed like a good news at first, but eventually turned out to be a huge disappointment because of its single rear door feature.

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“Suicide door”, as they describe the lone rear door of Mini’s first generation Clubman. It surely is–and it’s undeniably impractical, especially if you are living in a right-hand driving country. Good thing about Mini, it listened to its customers’ complaints and decided to reinvent the Clubman. After a thorough study and careful engineering, here comes the innovative Mini Cooper S Clubman. The looks have been spruced up, the engine has been improved, and the price? Well, you’ll surely find a lot of reasons why you should purchase this almost 35,000-dollar ride.

Now, are you ready to look at the Mini Cooper S Club detail by detail? You’d better fasten your virtual seatbelt and make sure that you’re prepared for the impressive additions and disappointments because this article will give you an unbiased review.

Functionality and Comfort

Mini decided to emphasize its upscale ambiance by designing its exterior and interior in a way that will make any car enthusiast fall in love with it.

At its public car debut, Mini confidently revealed that the new Mini Cooper S Clubman is giving the model a “barn-door” and the van-specification split tailgate. Now, accessing the boot can be a easier because there are two doors–not one, but two. Mini gives up the usual hatchback for a set of vertically split doors that are more barn-style. The doors emphasized a chrome opening. It’s like opening closet with ease. Even better, the Clubman has an added side door, which improves the convenience of entering the vehicle.

Although Mini decided to make the latest model as much similar as with its predecessor, the Cooper S Clubman version still trails a new look for distinction. The Mini Cooper S Clubman boasts of rear doors equipped with twin wipers. The previous taillights that are vertically stacked, like that of the previous Mini models, are also reinstated with horizontal units. These taillights provide the Cooper S Clubman with an improved visual width. This is Mini’s response to customers’ complaint of the previous model’s asymmetrical door, which according to them, an impractical design.

Trivia: There was a report that in Great Britain, Mini’s home market, an instance came up when the 1st modern Clubman had to have second row passengers come out from the lone rear door in the vehicle’s right hand side. And this is a right-hand driving area–and the passengers were children! Hence, Mini decided to add another rear door and both doors are conventionally hinged. Well, good for Mini and the customers!

The rear doors are also built with huge, thick, and tough-looking chrome handles that showcase a sleek and shiny exterior. One surprise that you’ll find really great is the set of over-sized rear lights that are integrated onto the tailgate. These lights are not staying onto the vehicle’s body, which is pretty unique. If you’re thinking about added weight onto the tailgate because of the attached rear lights, fear not.

Mini decided to put an under-the-bumper function which allows you to open the tailgate automatically. How is it possible? Through the gesture-control opening., You just have to wiggle your foot under the bumper and the tailgate opens. Even better, it can also be operated using the key fob, so you got two options that both offers convenience.

The Cooper S Clubman’s exterior emphasizes the latest hatchback. It is also crafted with a huge single-frame front grille, LED headlights that are oval-shaped, and a slick clamshell-style bonnet. There is also a breather attached that allows the vehicle to draw air from the wheel arches on the front. The side repeater lights are also surrounded with chrome material, while the four side doors are made frameless. This was intended for an added comfort when entering the vehicle.

When it comes to size, the new Mini Cooper S Clubman is a lot bigger. Compared with Mini’s 5-door hatchback, which is an already huge model of the car make, Cooper S Clubman is 270 millimeter longer and 73 millimeter wider. It is safe to say that the Mini Clubman can be considered as a “maxi” vehicle. And as a good news, the Cooper S Clubman model is only a bit shorter, at 4253mm length, compared with its Golf Estate-sized competitor. The Mini Clubman S model is also 158 mm longer, 119mm lower, and 10mm wider that the biggest existing Mini model, the Countryman.

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This vehicle also offers a 360-liter seating capacity which can be extended to a 1250-liter space capacity when you fold the rear seats down. You just have to tug a lever located in the boot, and voila–you now have an over a thousand space capacity to fill in. Here’s a good catch, there is a secret load area that is located just below the boot floor, so you can store valuables.

Now you won’t have to worry about bringing expensive things with you when there’s a hidden load area like this. You can even use it to hide surprise gifts (say, an engagement ring!) for loved ones! By the way, you can get to the boot through the two-hinged doors. By using the remote control on the key fob or touching the electric mechanism of the door’s chrome handle, you’ll be able to access the right-hand door. Once the right-hand door springs open, you’ll be able to access the left-hand door easily.

As for other interior features, there is a head-up display. You will also find the double-length sunroof useful, as it makes the interior bright and airy. The Mini Cooper S Clubman also offers a bright ambient lighting that accentuates the high-end leather seating.

Mini Cooper S Clubman Rear

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The interior dimension is obviously more generous that its previous models. It is a roomier and the shoulder and head room is improved. There is also a driving mode function that can be activated thru a rotary switch at the gearlever base. You can choose between three modes, the Green, Mid, and Sport. As for the vehicle’s dashboard, it is more modified, but it also retains some of the conventional dashboard elements like the switchgear and the round binnacle.
The Mini Cooper S Clubman’s is available in 12 different colors.


Now, let’s take a look at the engine specifications. Well, you might be happy to know that there’s a good change under the bonnet. As you might be aware of, the Mini Cooper S Clubman is based, again, from BMW‘s and Mini’s front-wheel drive engineering–the same engines are used, like what it used to be in the previous Mini models. But the improved smoothness of the model’s automatic gearbox will definitely impress you.

  • While the Clubman has 1.5-liter and 3-cylinder engine, the Clubman D and Clubman S has an increased 2.0-liter and 4-cylinder engine.
  • While the Clubman has a spec of 9.1sec 0-62mph, the Clubman D has a spec of 8.6sec 0-62mph, and the Clubman S has a spec of 7.2sec 0-62mph.

The good thing is, the Mini Cooper S Clubman is a lot better than its 1.6-liter predecessor model when it comes to driving experience. The engine seems energetic and there is a low-end urgency through mid-range driving. It has a maximum output of 192bhp and a torque of 280Nm. Cooper S Clubman’s compression ratio is 11:1 and rates 1250rpm at engine speed.

This makes the Clubman a good vehicle to use in your everyday driving condition. Its units are superbly active at high revolutions. On the other hand, you’ll hear a combination of noise blare and induction when you turn the engine up to 5000 revolutions per minute. But fret not, for a Mini Clubman S model, this can be considered normal or expected.

When it comes to gearing and steering, you will find the Mini Cooper S Clubman pretty good. The 8-speed gearbox is a good match for the vehicle’s 4-cylinder engine (with four valves per cylinder). It obviously delivers a smoother transition in the Automatic mode compared to its older model which has a 6-speed gearbox. Additionally, this vehicle is also a lot responsive when you try to shift from Auto to Manual driving mode.

Now, that is something that might impress you. By nudging the gear selector across the vehicle’s horizontal plane, you’ll be able to switch from Auto to Manual and vice versa. When you use the first four gears, your driving experience is a lot comfortable and has that peppy feel and still get that relaxed handling in the last four gears. Surely, the Mini Cooper S Clubman can offer you an unwinding long-distance driving capability.

Although the latest Cooper S Clubman weighs 1930kg (that is 230kg heavier than its previous model), its accelerative ability is still improved because of the subtle increase in the vehicle’s engine output and two extra gears. Because of this, Mini Cooper S Clubman’s time of 0-62mph can be achieved at 7.2sec only–that is 0.06sec speedier than before. From the previous model which has 138mph, the Cooper S Clubman has improved to 142mph.

Do you prefer a 4-wheel drive Mini? Unfortunately, the entire Clubman series are manufactured for a front-wheel drive. But the good thing is, Mini Clubman’s chassis is designed to allow a 4-wheel drive system.


If you are a buyer who’s looking for a family car that is both functional and high-performing, choosing an SUV or a large SUV is a wiser move than picking a mini car–and the same if you’re about to have your very first set of wheels. Even if undoubtedly, Mini is a credible car make when it comes to manufacturing high-end small cars, you might be splurging too much of a cash for such kind of vehicle. No, there is nothing wrong about picking a Mini Cooper S Clubman–it actually is a great choice. But if it is your first car, it is safe to say that there are great models out there that can meet your practical needs for an automobile without having to require you spend tons of greens.

But if you are looking for an idiosyncratic choice, the Mini Coopers S Clubman is a great pick. For example, you’re fond of collecting cars and you want to add a unique yet ultimately functional automobile on your list (or your garage). Well, the S Clubman is a good addition. Besides, this model is better than its predecessors when it comes to boot and passenger capacity, engine performance, aesthetic, fuel economy, dashboard features, and interior (comfort).

So, it’s really a wise move to choose the latest model if you’re picking among Mini car models. Although this automobile is obviously more expensive, it promises above than par standards and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Even better, this model definitely emphasizes upscale living and great driving comfort.

So, is it worth it to purchase this Mini model? Yes! There are tons of good reasons why you’d want to own this optimum-performing automobile. You just have to make up your mind and finally go to the nearest Mini car dealer and get your very own Mini Cooper S Clubman.

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