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Complete Mini Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Mini Car Models List

Small is the new big, or so would the exciting Mini economy car produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). With a distinct look that does emphasize the idea of being small, the tiny package of a car shows more than meets the eye.

Mini Official Logo of the Company

Designed and manufactured in the late 1950s, the car was made more than just an exotic looking vehicle – it did serve the public, which was proved due to its popularity in the coming years. Also, the small car has a surprisingly powerful performance under its hood, making it a favorite for both race car drivers and typical motorists.

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Here are some highlights garnered by the Mini through the years:

Safety First – the small features of the car was considered to keep the driver and its passengers in a safe position during motor accidents. Brakes and handling properties are top-notch in these vehicles, giving both comfort and peace of mind for its owners.

Unique Appearance – the car’s very small and unique appearance makes it such a hit for drivers. This can be seen in the numerous television series and movies featuring the vehicle (Mr. Bean, Double Team, The Italian Job, etc.) which shows that the car is great eye candy in the streets. Also, these cars come in different kits and paint jobs, making each look even more distinctly unique from the rest.

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Mini Car Models ListMini Stylish Design

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Performance – power can be found in every drive of this car. The car has seen victories in past race rallies, showing that small cars should never be underestimated. Also, because of the car’s propensity to tuning and customization jobs, there is always the possibility of having a jet-speed (exaggerating, though) ride.

Here is the Full List of Mini Car Models and Variants:

  • Mini Cooper S
  • Mini Mk I Cooper
  • Mini Mk II Cooper
  • Mini Moke
  • Mini Hatch
  • Mini Countryman

    Mini Countryman car model

    Image source:

    Launch Date: 2017
    Don’t let the name fool you – the Mini Countryman is a vehicle that is big in personality, features, and total driving satisfaction!

    Space is Essential

    The latest Mini Countryman delivers a key ingredient in its calling to provide more for its drivers – space. With both interiors and cargo space adjusted to fit more, this vehicle is perfect for trips that require carrying heavy luggage, multiple passengers, and more!

    A Plethora of Innovative Features

    Enjoy what the Mini Countryman has to offer with its long line of features. Park with ease with the rear view camera, enjoy a different view with its panoramic sunroof, and stay safe with the built-in safety features.

    Connection is Important

    Additionally, the Mini Countryman offers great solutions for tech-savvy folk. Aside from the already impressive infotainment, a satellite navigation system can also be accessed to efficiently plan and map out trips!

    Mini Countryman Variants
    – Cooper A/T
    – Cooper S A/T
    – John Cooper Works A/T

  • Mini 3 Door

    Mini 3 Door Variants
    – Cooper A/T
    – Cooper S A/T

  • Mini Cooper S Clubman

    Mini Cooper S Clubman

    Image source:

    Compared with the other Mini models, Hardtop 4-Door, and Countryman, the Mini Cooper S Clubman is considered bigger because it is both wider and longer. more

  • Mini 5 Door

    MINI 5 Door Hatch car model

    Image source:

    Just because it’s in the name, doesn’t mean that this car delivers small surprises. In fact, the MINI 5-Door Hatch takes pride of its awesome features and performance!

    Safety is a Massive Priority

    The latest MINI 5-Door Hatch is equipped with a large array of safety features. An Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system grants the motorist optimum control in any driving condition. The Runflat tyres assure puncture won’t result to a devastating blowout.

    A Fresh Take on a Classic Design

    The radiator grille of the MINI 5-Door Hatch is a sight to behold. Turning function and design into a perfect tandem, the vehicle’s extra rear doors make an interesting design which also serves as extra space for cargo and the like.

    Going the Tech Distance

    Tech-savvy drivers are in for a treat with the MINI 5-Door Hatch. MINI Connected, the centrepiece module in everything related to technology, allows motorists the convenience to stay connected, whenever and whatever.

    Mini 5 Door Variants
    – Cooper A/T
    – Cooper S A/T

  • Mini Paceman

    Mini Paceman car model

    Image source:

    The Mini Paceman is a three-door SUV based subcompact car designed and produced by Mini, a British automaker. It was first a concept car released at the North American International Auto Show. The production started in 2012 and ended in 2016.

    Mini Paceman Variants
    – Cooper A/T
    – Cooper S A/T
    – John Cooper Works A/T

Other Mini Models

  • Mini Clubman

    Mini Clubman Variants

    – Mini Clubman 1.5 Cooper AT
    – Mini Clubman 2.0 Cooper S AT

  • Mini Convertible

    Mini Convertible Variants

    – Mini Convertible 2.0 Cooper S AT
    – Mini Convertible 2.0 Cooper JCW AT

  • Morris Mini Saloon De Luxe
  • Morris Mini Cooper 1961
  • Austin Mini Super Deluxe
  • Austin Mini Saloon
  • Mini Cooper

    Mini Cooper Variants

    – Mini Cooper 1.5 (3-Door) AT
    – Mini Cooper 1.5 (5-Door) AT
    – Mini Cooper 2.0 S (3-Door) AT
    – Mini Cooper 2.0 S (5-Door) AT
    – Mini Cooper JCW 2.0 S (3-Door) AT

  • Mini Cooper Countryman

    Mini Cooper Countryman Variants

    – Mini Cooper Countryman 2.0 D AT
    – Mini Cooper Countryman 2.0 SD AT

  • Austin Mini Saloon De Luxe

Video of Mini Car Models


Photos of Mini’s Different Types of Cars

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Official Website of the Company:

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