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Complete Nissan Juke Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Nissan Juke Car Model Review

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Maybe you are a type of person who likes to travel a lot, but only enjoys a time alone or somehow a company of one or two. Maybe you are a type of person who always brings style wherever you go. Whoever you might be, I am certain of one thing. You can definitely wander around the town as you bring this affordable, yet alluring super mini car, Nissan Juke with you.

Nissan Juke car model review

I won’t blame you and the others as all of you find its style designed unique, its interior built in high technology, and its price made affordable. That is something to go crazy about during that year. But even after 3 years of its creation, people went crazier, because it was introduced as a new and improved Nissan Juke in the market. This new ride definitely improved its security features, made more emphasis on the safety of its passengers, upgraded its performance, and better its technology.

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Point is, it is still a signature car, because even until now it remained as a recognize ride designed with extraordinary style and filled with originality when it comes to exterior and interior looks. However, to most car users, Nissan Juke’s appearance is not as charming as those other rides they have driven considering its affordable price. At first, you might really think that it is an ugly car, and I get it. You don’t want to drive this thing around and just be the laughing stock of the town. But, trust me. It is not that bad.

It has just this unique mini car structure that is not evident to other cars and even to its competitors like Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen. But, hey there is more to this car than you might have thought, and as they all say, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” As Nissan Company described it, the car’s bold and luxurious interior is something that needs to be bragged about.

Its seats are comfortable and adult-friendly. That is because its front seat is customized with a racetrack-inspired cockpit seat that is tailored with modern details. Its sporty design made it look spacious and practical for passengers inside the car. Obviously, these seats are meant for an ultimate driving thrill as the company called it.

Atop that, Nissan Juke’s interiors added some advanced on-board system intended for driving assistance, a 5.8” anti-glare touch screen, which can connect you to your gadget and your social media accounts for road companion. Then, there is this 360 degree parking camera for safe take off and a Rockord Fosgate Sound System for the music of a lifetime. If you need to add more interior features or if it’s too much for you, you can always go to the Nissan Design Studio Personalisation and have the inside of your Nissan Juke customized based on your needs.

As a personal observation, others see Nissan Juke as a ride with an artistic and muscular look that it can only pull off as a mini car. Some may not like it like that because they have other car preference—a typical classic elegant looking car or rather a more ravishing ride. But, car drivers like you must also take into consideration the fact that you are just getting what you paid for. Since it is an affordable ride, you may not want to expect too much from it.

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Instead, just feel Nissan Juke’s bold and astonishing design that is mainly evident on its front and rear seats, which as mentioned earlier has a racetrack-inspired cockpit detailed design. You may also feel the sporty vibe inside the ride, and also take full notice of Nissan Juke’s sporty handling, which really emphasized its purpose as a mini sporty car. Plus, its inside includes high technology features that can be customized based on your driving preference.

Another best part of this Nissan Juke ride is also its economy fuel, which makes it a low maintenance car and a hassle free ride for owners like you. Nissan Juke has only one diesel option and that is the 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which makes a 188 horsepower. Its four-engine’s power is not that bad. As a matter of fact, the automobile shop, Edmunds even termed Nissan Juke as the car having multiple personalities when it comes to it diesel performance. It definitely made me think that this car makes driving experience dynamic.

Even another automobile shop, AutoTrader, can attest to its excellent performance. As AutoTrader put it, Nissan Juke’s engine power provides an exhilarating speed that made it an ideal drive either to the main road or to the off road. Its speed is just spectacular for it provides a nimble driving experience all throughout the journey.

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Some Nissan Juke drivers are happy about this performance-wise car, and they even said that this strongly built compact SUV is stealing the scene by being agile from left to right to take-off. As Autoblog added, it is a genuine and ecstatic hoot to drive around, which seems unlikely with other cars on road. Plus, Nissan Juke is a fun drive considering its turbocharged four-engine power that makes its drive engaging and thrilling as well.

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Your driving escapades with Nissan Juke are like your driving ventures with Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen, or other super mini cars or mini SUVs like Renault Captur. Nissan Juke’s only difference among these cars is its distinct style and affordable price. Its ride is only meant for people who are into mini cars, who are hitting the road with a few friends, and who are satisfied with its turbocharged four-engine performance.

Going adventures with Nissan Juke is exciting because of its exhilarating speed, but it is obviously not your off-road type of car. It is your typical car when it comes to road getaways and to short drives from home to office to mall to cinema to gym to anywhere around town.

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