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Complete Toyota Fj Cruiser Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Toyota Fj Cruiser Car Model Review

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Toyota Fj Cruiser model was first released as a concept car in 2003 where it was featured in the International Auto Show in North America. After two years, it was launched at the same event in the final release form.

FJ Cruiser from The 25th Trans Sport Show

It was built specifically by a subsidiary company of Toyota, the Hino Motors, in Japan.

The exterior of this SUV has a short wheelbase, grille/headlight arrangement, and a stocky frame just like the original Land Cruisers. The old models even have an almost vertical windshield design with three wipers to maximize the coverage. It has a rear opening access door which is a hugely different design compared to other SUVs in the market.

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It also has a steel side impact protection bar which also serves as a door pillar for passengers.

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The FJ Cruiser is being powered by a 4.0L 1GR – FE DOHC V6 engine. For the year 2007 model, they included a valve timing(single variable) giving up 237 horsepower at a revolution of 5,200 rpm. The year 2010 model was upgraded with a Dual technology of VVT-i that gives a higher 260 hp at a revolution of 5,600 rpm.

The latter model focuses mainly on fuel economy but only on premium fuels as they emit more high-octane power to the load particular on tasks like towing,driving at high road elevation and off-roading, The 4×4 models are given a boost with the RA61F manual engine transmission that gives a center TORSEN differential. This new technology allows for better power distribution to avoid the amount or extent of wheel slippage and in instance of steering angle.

2011 Fj Cruiser

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Its sales during its first release in 2006 was very successful but due to the demand for more compact SUVs today, its 2010 model had a rough start when it comes to markets all over the globe.

FJ Cruiser Engine

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Dashboard

Fj Cruiser

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