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Full & Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Model Review

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Planning to buy a family vehicle or you just want a ride that is more functional? Vehicle space is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing your new ride and it would be a lot wiser to purchase an SUV rather than a sedan. When it comes to large SUVs, Jeep is one of the leading car makes that you might want to consider. If you’re choosing between models, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good pick. But which Cherokee model, you say?

There’s the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015), if you’re aiming for functionality and optimum performance. Just like last year (2014), this big baby is the top-selling large SUV in Australia, so far this year. And for the record, this US-manufactured ride simply trumps Holden Captiva 7, Ford Territory, and Toyota Prado when it comes to segment sales supremacy. Now, that is amazing, right? Now, you might be wondering what made this large SUV superior to other SUVs. Let’s begin our detailed study about what makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015) a ten-point-O.

Functionality & Performance

The Platinum chrome 20-inch alloy wheels will give you a comfortable ride even on rough roads. If you think that riding this large SUV will give you discomfort when it comes to loud engine sound, then you’re wrong. The Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015) has a proper off-road credential. It has a deadened engine noise and even the tire and wind noise are kept at bay! If you’re driving with your family (especially your little ones), you can be sure that they can sleep soundly inside your SUV without having to wake up because of a disturbing buzzing engine sound.

For standard features, Jeep also included various light surrounds, grille inserts, and badges. There’s also the impressive feature called Active Noise Cancellation and the acoustic laminated glass crafted on the second-row side windows, windshield, and rear wind screen. Long and short of it, Jeep has made serious efforts in noise suppression–as it claims that noise driving is only at 10 decibels (Db).

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015

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Now let’s go to other features and let’s start with the exterior. Impressively, this Jeep Grand Cherokee model has a dual pane sunroof for ultimate protection against heat. If you’re driving interstate, you won’t have to worry about hours of driving under the scorching heat of the sun because this SUV has just the right material to keep your car interior comfortably cool. As for the lights, it has bi-Xenon headlights LED tail-lights, and an electric tailgate.

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The interior is loaded up with useful equipment. There’s a touch screen (8.4-inch) equipped with sat-nav for 3D mapping. As for the sound system, a 19-speaker Harman Kardon will definitely give you nice music while on the road. When it comes to connectivity, you could say that this Jeep model has everything (a bluetooth re-pairing system), plus an impressive digital color instrument display (7-inch) behind your steering wheel.

For the driver’s and the passengers’ safety, a forward collision warning system is also equipped. The SUV is also built with blind-spot monitors on the mirrors, functional parking sensors, adaptive cruise options, and reverse-view camera. Its keyless start and rain-sensing wipers might sound ordinary to you. But what will catch your attention is its Trailer Sway Control system. This system is built to keep anything you’re towing from swaying in any direction. Basically, it keeps what you are towing straight on its track.

Curious about what’s under the hood? Performance is the most important thing that you have to consider when buying your new set of wheels. Thankfully, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015) has some good features on it. With the common 3.0-litre (CRD) turbo-diesel engine, it punches out 184kW of stunning power at 4000 Revolutions per Minute (rpm) and 570Nm of torque at 2000(rpm).

If you’re going to compare it with BMW’s X5 which produces 150kW/460Nm, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is considerably better. The engine is also matched with 8-speed automatic transmission paired with a T-bar shifter (from a high-quality German transmission wunderkinds ZF). Because of its optimum performance engine, the SUV is kept hushed and is running smoothly despite its hefty mass of about 2500kg.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD Limited 2013Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD Limited 2013

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015) is relatively a wide room for a 5-seater large SUV. It offers a 782 liters of vehicle room, but astoundingly increases to 1554 liters when you fold in the seats. Still, that is a lot of space, right? The rear seating offers a spacious room for three. The front and rear seats are heated and crafted in Natura leather, which also has a cooling function in front.

Yes, the seats are not just seats, these are vast leather seats that give the most comfort. The rear seats also have a limo-like feel. Driving a Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015) can give you a cushy ride because the seats are manufactured not just for functionality, but for comfort. Plus with the prototypical American suspension, it is most likely that you will not feel any discomfort during your travel.

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015) costs roughly about 78,000USD–way more expensive than other SUVs. But is it worth the splurge of cash compared to other SUVs like BMW X5 or Hemi V8 SRT8? It is safe to say, yes. This Jeep Grand Cherokee model has what it takes to provide you just the proper luxury for a large SUV. It has just the right engine specifications and has loads of equipment and outstanding features.

It can be even be at par with some premium SUVs, but Jeep needs to step up a bit if it wants its SUVs to be leveled with other car makes such as BMW. As for the space and comfort, you could tell that Jeep nailed it when it comes to providing the driver and passengers superb comfort while driving. At a scale of 1 to 10, the latter being the highest, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Platinum 3.0 CRD (2015) can score 7.5 overall.

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