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Complete Reliant Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Reliant Car Models List

Reliant is an automaker from United Kingdom and was based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. They were first known in designing and producing the Reliant Robin, a three-wheeled vehicle. Reliant also designed an array of different vehicles during its 60 years of existence.

Reliant official logo of the company

These vehicles included commercial vehicles, sports cars, and convertibles. Reliant models were distributed to nine different countries with not more than 2 million units released. Reliant was named as the largest car manufacturer in the United Kingdom from 1970 to 1990.

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As of now, Reliant is already an inactive company however their parts division is still running to support and produce spares for existing Reliant vehicles and sports car under the Tempest brand.

The company started as the Raleigh Bicycle Company founded by T.L. Williams and his colleague, E.S. Thompson. They stopped the production of three-wheeled vehicles in 1934 and decided to build their custom vehicle in William’s backyard in Tamworth, UK. The prototype they made is a 350-kilogram van covered in steel body and has a 750 cc V-twin engine.

From Williams’ backyard, the team moved to a bus depot in Fazeley. On the second quarter of 1935, Williams and Thompson delivered the first Reliant vehicle – a 600cc J.A.P. engine powered motor that resembled to a motorcycle where the rider sits on top. An updated version came a year after with engine improvements and the driver already has seats in the front.

Reliant Bond Bug car model

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Reliant continued to produce vehicles until 2001 where it was still producing 50 units per week. The Reliant Robin still existed during that time with its last version with a price tag of £10,000.

Here is the Full List of Reliant Car Models and Variants:

  • Reliant Rialto Estate
  • Reliant Rialto
  • Reliant Rialto Saloon
  • Reliant Kitten Estate
  • Reliant Regal
  • Reliant TW9
  • Reliant Scimitar GTC
  • Reliant Rebel saloon
  • Reliant Kitten
  • Reliant Scimitar GT
  • Reliant Regent
  • Reliant Scimitar SS1
  • Relaint Sabre Four
  • Reliant Scimitar GTE
  • Reliant Scimitar
  • Reliant Robin
  • Reliant Kitten saloon
  • Reliant Scimitar SS1 1800Ti
  • Reliant Rebel estate
  • Reliant Scimitar SST 1800 Ti
  • Reliant Scimitar Sabre
  • Reliant Bond Bug
  • Reliant Fox
  • Reliant Sabre
  • Reliant FW11
  • Reliant Rebel
Photos of Reliant Different Types of Cars

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