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BAIC Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

BAIC Car Models List

BAIC Group or legally named as Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd. is a machine and automobile company based in Beijing, China. This holding company and state-owned enterprise holds several other companies including agricultural equipment, truck, and bus maker Foton, passenger car manufacturer Baic Motor, and SUV and military vehicle maker, BAW.

BAIC official logo of the company

In 2014, BAIC was able to produce over 2.25 million units of their vehicles making them the fourth biggest automobile maker in China in volume and second in commercial vehicle output.

Not only that, BAIC also has partnerships with car makers like Hyundai and Mercedes Benz and produce their cars too for the Chinese market.

Since BAIC was capable of doing mass productions and is already considered as one of the most sought-after car makers in China, they have attempted to purchase struggling car makers in Europe through the years. These include Volvo, Saab, and Opel, and as well as the technologies implemented by Chrysler.

Their goal is to bring these European cars to China. They were able to purchase Saab Automobile in 2013 and got the first one on sale, the C70, or more popularly known as Senova. Using the technologies they also acquired, they entured into creating electric vehicles. They ran a trial production of 30 units in 2010.

BAIC must have huge production bases to create such massive outputs of cars. They currently have four plants in eastern China and one in the Guangzhou Baolong base in the south. They planned on building two more factories here – one in Guangdong and one in Chongqing.

BAIC Concept 900 car model

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Since their acquisition of Saab, they also plan on building production bases meant for Saab models only. It may be built in the Sanxiang town or the Hunan province, in Zhongshan city or in the Guangdong province. They claim to have production bases, both large and small, in at least 26 cities in China. Most of these are component factories.

Here is the Full List of BAIC Car Models and Variants:

Baic BJ100

Baic BJ100 car model

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The Baic BJ100 is a concept car first seen at the Beijing Motor Show in 2014. The prototype is designed by Baic, a Chinese automaker.

The Baic BJ100 combines two design concepts – a coupe and an SUV. There are no exact details and specification of this model as of today.

  • Baic Senova C51X
  • BAIC X424

    BAIC X424 Variants

    – BAIC X424 2.4 Standard MT

  • BAIC MZ40

    BAIC MZ40 Variants

    – BAIC MZ40 1.2 Comfort MT
    – BAIC MZ40 1.2 Cargo MT
    – BAIC MZ40 1.2 Luxury MT

  • BAIC MZ45

    BAIC MZ45 Variants

    – BAIC MZ45 1.2 2-seater Basic MT
    – BAIC MZ45 1.2 11-seater Basic MT
    – BAIC MZ45 1.2 11-seater Basic Transporter MT
    – BAIC MZ45 1.2 11-seater Luxury MT
    – BAIC MZ45 1.2 Ambulance MT
    – BAIC MZ45 1.2 Ambulance (with consumables) MT

  • BJ2021
  • BJ2023BJ2023
  • BAIC M20

    BAIC M20 Variants

    – BAIC M20 1.5 8-seater Comfort MT
    – BAIC M20 1.5 7-seater Luxury MT

  • BAIC H5 Bayanihan

    BAIC H5 Bayanihan Variants

    – BAIC H5 Bayanihan 1.8 Cab & Chassis MT
    – BAIC H5 Bayanihan 1.8 Drop Side MT
    – BAIC H5 Bayanihan 1.8 Aluminum Van MT
    – BAIC H5 Bayanihan 1.8 18-Seater FB Body MT
    – BAIC H5 Bayanihan 1.8 18-seater FB Body (with Rear Aircon) MT

  • Baic A523

    Baic A523 Variants

    – BAIC A523 2.3 Sedan AT

  • Baic Senova
  • BAIC Concept 900
  • BJ2022LC Warrior

Video of BAIC Car Models


Photos of BAIC Different Types of Cars

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Official Website of the Company:

BAIC Group car brand

Baic Vehicle News, Trivias, Photos and Car Updates.

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