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Seat Alhambra Car Model, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Seat Alhambra Car Model

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For every motorist who would want to be treated like royalty on the road (whether this be for business, family, or plainly personal drives), a certain throne of a vehicle is needed to establish one’s presence. And when it comes to multi purpose vehicles (shortened to MPV), the Seat Alhambra may just transform you to the motoring king or queen that you deserve to be.

SEAT Alhambra Car Model Detailed Review

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Seat cars, in particular, are known to provide quality and safe motoring performance. And aside from the key facets mentioned above, Seat maintenance and services is top of the class. And this is why we’d like to give you and our readers a brief overview on the Alhambra – this just may be the right kind of MPV that you are looking for.

Breaking Down this Seat Alhambra Review

Just like how we wrote our other reviews (such as our writeup on the dazzling Perodua Bezza), we are going to focus on only several key details or features of the Alhambra. This way, you and our followers will still have the advantage and benefit of discovering more about the vehicle when you are behind the wheel.

SEAT Alhambra Car Model Review

By Vauxford – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

We’d like to give you this opportunity – the thrill and chance to discover is an important part of any driving experience that shouldn’t be taken away from any motorist!

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As such, we will be breaking down this Alhambra Seat review into the following details:

Focus on the Seat Alhambra Dimensions

Find out more about some of the numbers (statistics and even measurements) of this amazing vehicle below.

  • Interior Capacity – 2,297 litres
  • Engine Types – 1.4 TSI 150 PS (Petrol type at 110 kW); 2.0 TDI 150 PS (Diesel type at 110 kW); 2.0 TDI 150 PS (Ecomotive type at 110 kW)
  • Front Brakes Dimension – 282 x 12 mm
  • Rear Brakes Dimension – 4854 mm
  • Body Length – 1904 mm
  • Body Width – 1720 mm
  • Body Height – 1557 mm / 1569 mm
  • Boot Space Capacity – 70 L
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (weight) – 1755 to 1843 kg

As seen with the given numbers, the Seat Alhambra means business. This MPV may not only be the perfect ride for deliveries or long hauls. After all, with the spacious and multiple features (which we will also showcase below), the Alhambra may also be the best car to transport families safely.

Focus on the Seat Alhambra Interior

Part of the allure that the Seat Alhambra MPV has to offer is its beautiful and spacious interior. As mentioned on the point above, the Alhambra has a whopping interior capacity of up to 2,297 litres.

Given the vast amount of space in this vehicle, several smart space-saving solutions are also available (seat adjustments and the like), to further provide more ways to haul luggage or organize passengers in a safe and comfortable manner.

SEAT Alhambra Interior

Aside from the alluring and ergonomic interior design, the Alhambra also has an electronic and panoramic sunroof enhancement – at almost three times bigger than typical sunroofs of competitor models, the Alhambra’s sunroof offers a beautiful, relaxing, and people-centric approach.

Focus on the Seat Alhambra Seats

Given the massive space that this MPV provides, it comes as no surprise then that the Alhambra’s seats are comfy and big as well. But another surprise that the seats in this car provide is the following:

SEAT Alhambra Seat
  • Airbags – seven airbags are strategically positioned within the vehicle to provide that extra layer of safety that every driver and passenger deserves.
  • Tiredness Recognition System – the Seat Alhambra has an innovative and lifesaving feature right at the driver’s seat. The Alhambra’s Tiredness Recognition System senses and gauges a motorist’s driving performance through the steering wheel. If the system detects any unwanted triggers, it will then notify the driver to take a break. This system may just be the deal breaker when it comes to road safety, by focusing solely on a driver’s state of tiredness!
  • ISOFIX Child Focus – placing a high priority on child passengers, the Seat Alhambra has integrated an ISOFIX car safety system to help adjust and fit two rear car seats for children with ease.

Focus on the Seat Alhambra Boot Space

As mentioned, the Alhambra provides ample boot space at 70 L. Additionally, an extra level of convenience is provided – the Alhambra’s tailgate is power operated, which means that the boot space can be opened in a hands free manner.

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Other Seat Alhambra Specs You Need to Know About

Lastly, we’d like to point out that the Seat Alhambra is a tech-savvy MPV. Here are some motoring and technological innovations that will definitely make this a royal ride on the road:

  • Full Link – the Seat Alhambra seamlessly and assures strong connectivity. The Full Link system, which prioritizes the MPV’s wide array of infotainment features, can quickly connect to any kind of smartphone.
  • MirrorLink: Smartphone-Friendly – speaking about smartphones, the Seat Alhambra’s MirrorLink technology connects to a motorist’s smartphone without the hassle and danger of taking one’s eyes off the road. Compatibility is wide and accessible – Android Auto TM and Apple Carplay TM compatibility is both assured.
  • Personalized Desktop – the Alhambra dashboard has a personalized desktop feature. This allows perfect customization options, by giving you the power to set your preferred widgets and apps right at your fingerprints.
  • Route Tracker – a practical and even fun way to gamify your driving experience, the Route Tracker feature allows motorists to record their favorite routes. Aside from recording, several spec ratings are evaluated, including how much fuel was consumed on a particular trip. This, in return, will help drivers find out more economical and even exciting ways to plan ahead for trips and the likes.
  • Parkopedia – your parking woes may just disappear with the Seat Alhrambra. This feature alerts a motorist if a nearby parking spot is available – this app accesses 38 million parking spaces in almost 52 countries around the globe!

SEAT Alhambra Car Review

By Vauxford – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Treat yourself like royalty with the MPV throne that you deserve. We hope that you grab the chance to drive a Seat Alhambra today!

SEAT Alhambra Car Model

By Charles01 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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