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Full & Mitsubishi Mirage Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Mitsubishi Mirage Car Model Review

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Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback car model

Image source: wikimedia.org

You may be longing for a new car, but you are on a tight budget. That instead of saving it to buy a new ride, you rather spend those paper bills to other more significant things such as food, clothes, and other necessities. But, I might change the way you think right now, if I am going to tell you about this particular ride- Mitsubishi Mirage. It is a duly recognized ride from its affordable price and interior style.

Well, there may be some negative feedbacks about it, but there is always good to it as there is always good in everyone. To be honest, we wouldn’t have this article written if it is just a junkie ride. First thing’s first. I will give you a fact check about this ride. This Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the well-known cars during its time. Before it became today’s Mitsubishi Mirage, it was originally just a 3-seat coupe that is destined with an efficient fuel of a 40 mpg in 1998.

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The following year, it improved into a five to eight car seater, but it still got its 40 mpg speed. Then later in 2001, it developed its seats by adding up a child seater, which later on became standard in all Mirage models. At the same year, its diesel improved from a 40 mpg to a 36 mpg rate. In 2014, its rate became more efficient, and then its look became more enhanced and modernized in 2015. But Mitsubishi Mirage’s look still has subtle changes, and it still provides affordable price ever since its establishment.

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Just like Nissan Juke, Mitsubishi Mirage was also judged for its exterior looks-a not so mesmerizing ride with an evident look of cheap quality hoot. They fail to be mesmerized by its look but, as I always say, car drivers are just getting what they paid for. But on top of that, there were other car drivers who prefer using this ride than their previous one, and who are more content about this car than their previous ride that they tend to replace it with this Mitsubishi Mirage.

These are indeed satisfied car owners who didn’t see Mitsubishi Mirage as the ride that is a pain in the ass. In fact, they are highly glad that there is a spacious rear seat inside this ride. Of course, the main purpose of its spacious interior is for easy navigation and driving of owners like you.

Today’s Mitsubishi Mirage stands out among the rest because of its high technology features and more modernized appearance.

While it includes an electric power steering and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, for every driver’s convenience. Mitsubishi Mirage also knows how to keep its passengers safe by including a 4-wheel anti-lock breaking system (ABS), a remote anti-theft alarm system, air bags at front and rear seat, and dual front side-mounted airbags.

Mitsubishi Mirage sedan car model

Image source: wikimedia.org

This ride also takes into consideration every passenger’s entertainment by putting up a four speaker audio system that either plays their favorite playlist or chosen radio station inside the car. There is no doubt that these interiors are easy to use and are logically placed inside Mitsubishi Mirage as Left Lane News Magazine scooped a detail about their opinion on the ride. Plus, automotive shop, Edmunds testified that Mitsubishi Mirage’s interior controls are easy to navigate and easy to access, which owners like you won’t experience a hard time using those interior features.

Not just that. Take note that it is an affordable ride, but is fully equipped with high technology features including automatic climate control, which was placed on the car’s interior made from an 18 th century minimalistic design. Aside from its simple interior functions, you may also expect from Mitsubishi Mirage an easy and nimble ride because of its lightweight body, and its 1.2 liter three cylinder engine that produces a 74 horsepower. Both of its speed and lightweight body are the reason to take you fast enough to your desired destination.

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Driving this ride sounds perfectly fine, however it is not the case to some Mitsubishi Mirage drivers. Some of them see this ride as flawed and agile, and they even observe it as a ride having a low quality interior. But, there is no problem with that because there is no such thing as a perfect ride. That no matter how flawed or agile this ride is, Mitsubishi Mirage owners will still agree on me regarding its great performance on road. Well, it is a proof that it is still a worthy buying ride.

Auto Week Magazine is just another media to attest that Mitsubishi Mirage is worth trying despite some negative feedbacks about it. The magazine itself explained that this ride will locate you immediately to your destination. Even MSN Autos magazine mentioned that this is not your typical ride for fun, but your fully loaded type of ride with a manual transmission feature. And with its lightweight body and nimble performance, it is easy for Mitsubishi Mirage owners to park, since it is a city friendly kind of car as mentioned by Left Lane News magazine.

Well, I might have to agree with Left Lane News here. That it is a ride worth driving around every city. I said it so, because it is an efficient and fully equipped ride that provides an affordable price to buyers like you. It is definitely a designed city car that fits in your budget. As cliché as it sounds, it is not your typical super mini car. Its affordable price is not just the reason it stands out among its biggest competitors like Kia Rio. It has these simple, easy to navigate features that can ease every owner’s driving experience on the entire ride. Some may have a hard time with its nimble performance, but I can assure you that Mitsubishi Mirage is definitely worthy of a ride to buy, despite some sarcasm and negative feedbacks about it.

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