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Complete Peugeot 308 Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Peugeot 308 Car Model Review

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I was never really into family cars until I found Peugeot. Peugeot has a captivating design – an 18 to 19” wheel with a lower ground style. It made me interested into buying it. On top of that, it even has efficient economy fuel that gives a powerful and smooth ride throughout the entire Peugeot drive.


Peugeot 308 car model review

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I wasn’t familiar on how to pronounce Peugeot at first, but I know where it came from. Peugeot or Poo-zho is actually a French car manufacturer that was launched in September 2007. The X68 series is the first Peugeot model, which could either power in petron or diesel. This model was actually premiered in Geneva Motor Show. It is an annual motor show usually held every March in the soul city, Geneva.

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The following year, Peugeot released the GTI series 308 T7 (2008-2013) and 308 SW (2008-2014). The 308 is the 8th generation of Peugeot, which could either be a three or a four hatchback. It is described as a swooning bonnet-shaped like non-nose ride with large front mouth, the kind of style that’s ideal for a family car, while the 308 SW series is an ideal ride for travelers, which could accommodate up to seven passengers.

In 2009, another GTI series called 308 CC was born. It looks more stylish than the 307 CC model. The new series has a 20 second retractable hard-top. Plus, it is the only four seat coupe cabriolet with a heated head vest amongst Peugeot models.

Two years after the invention of the 308 CC (2009-2014) series, another generation of Peugeot was created. It is the 308 e-HDI Hybrid that was shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. This hybrid model showcased a new and improved series by starting to modernize racelift cars.

The second generation’s idea of modernizing racelift cars still has the same goal of being an ideal family car. The latest model, Peugeot 308 T9 (2014 – present) still represents practicality and affordability just like other Peugeot series. This model includes versions such as the five door 308 hatchback, 308 SW, 308 GT, and 308 GTi.

External Features

Peugeot 308 car model

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The Peugeot 308 GTi is the most talked about ride amongst its generation series. Its unique look highlights a bold and sporty style. One of its unique posture is the 11mm lower ground style with either an 18” or a 19” aluminum wheels. The 18” wheel is made from an aluminum diamond cut Diamant wheels. While the 19” wheel is made from a carbon alloy wheels that are wrapped in Michelin pilot sport tyres.

Not only are the Peugeot’s wheels remarkable. Its logo is a signature as well. There’s a 380 mm front brake discs designed with red calipers around its Peugeot Sports logo, which was embossed on a checkered flag inspired radiator grille.

Gti logos can also be found in front wings and tailgate of Peugeot. Plus, there are also aerodynamic defectors at the bars of its large bumpers. It was created large to reflect Peugeot’s high driving performance.

Internal Features

Peugeot 308 Interior

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Another best feature of Peugeot is its interior, which is too good for its price. As you take a peak inside a Peugeot, you could see how it was perfectly combined with quality and passion. Let’s start with the fine full grain leather used to cover the ride’s steering wheel, embroidered with its signature red colored stitch. The seats, gear lever, and carpet were sewed with the same style as well.

The steering wheel also displays the GTi logo with a red centered mark embossed on letters. The door sills, pedal, foot rest, and gear lever knob of Peugeot also carries the GTi logo.

Peugeot’s sporty cabin is another feature created with quality and passion. Its décor in Anthracite is undeniably impeccable. It’s made from a sophisticated high quality material for a premium storage experience.

Aside from the sporty cabin, Peugeot proved its muscularity by featuring the driver’s sports pack buttons. It further enhances the ride’s sporty ambiance.


Peugeot’s security features are also outstanding. It consists of road handling, airbags, and brake discs. It also includes Peugeot connect SOS and Assistance button, which provides emergency services like activating seatbelts and detecting location.


Peugeot has also been highlighting its remarkable speed by providing three power options. Drivers could choose from its most expensive to cheapest to greenest diesel. They could have the 1.6 THP, 270 GTi; 1.2 VTi Pure Tech Access 5dr; or 1.6 Blue ADi, 120 Active 5dr, respectively.

Each is powered with a turbocharged engine. It’s a mere proof that there are loads of grip in this ride. Peugeot even has sports button that pipe its gripping sound through its speakers, which make it sound dangerously cool. This made me love Peugeot even more.

Peugeot 308 3-door car model

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I know there are various types of family cars, but for me Peugeot is the one, simply because of its undeniably great features.

Poo-zhoo or also known as Peugeot has been a success ever since its production. I definitely do not blame those riders who are into this ride. I can’t blame their addiction to its aluminum wheels with a lower ground feature. I’ve never seen this kind of style to any family sports car.

Peugeot’s been good in featuring a sporty cabin and a sporty looking interior. Its sporty cabin can store huge luggage and other big stuff, while its sporty looking interior provides muscular ambiance inside the family car. The ride has also been remarkable in featuring sports button to provide premium sports driving experience to the entire clan.

Peugeot 308 5-door car model

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Peugeot’s driving experience provides three kinds of options. Passengers could experience the greenest to cheapest to the most expensive fuel. Each has an engine of 1.6 Blue ADi, 120 Active 5dr; 1.2 VTi, Pure Tech Access 5dr; and 1.6 THP, 270 GTi, respectively.

No matter what type of fuel was chosen for the ride, Peugeot will still be considered a family sports car powered with passion and quality while driven around town.

Peugeot 308 Touring car model

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