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Full & Mitsubishi Montero Sport Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Car Model Review

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Mitsubishi Montero Sport at 25th Trans Sport Show

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The Montero Sport has a variety of names on various countries. It is generally called as the Challenger but is called Pajero Sport in Europe, Nativa in Latin America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, Montero Sport in North America, South America, and in the Philippines, Strada G-Wagon in Thailand, and Shogun Sport in the United Kingdom.

With certain inherits from the Pajero, the Montero Sport also has an independent front suspension coupled with a live rear axle and torsion bars. Over the years, there were several face overhauls to this SUV. In 2000, a major change on its suspension happened where it diverted from the old rear leaf to the newer coil springs.

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The engine used in Montero Sport is a 3-L V6 engine that produced 175 horse powers at a revolution of 5,000 rpm. Models that are sold except in North America can choose either this engine or a turbo diesel inline-fours.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Interior

Image source: wikimedia.org

The actual testing of this famous SUV was actually a disaster in the automobile industry. In 2001, Lisa Lopes, a member of the famous group TLC, died in an accident where she was driving a Montero Sport. This was talked about by the whole industry, thus giving the Montero Sport a “not acceptable” rating when it comes to rollovers.

But due to the overhauls that it went on through the years, it revived itself from the rating and has then been popular worldwide. Right now in the Philippines, the Montero Sport has seven variants: the GLS-V 4×2 Manual, GLS-V 4×2 Automatic, GLS-V 4×4 Manual, GLS-V 4×4 Automatic, GLX 4×2 Manual, GLX 4×2 Automatic, and the GLS 3.0 V6 Gasoline Automatic.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Rear View

Image source: wikimedia.org

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Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Image source: wikimedia.org

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