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Noble Car Models List

Noble Official Logo of the Company

Noble Automotive Limited, or more popularly known as Noble, is a sports car manufacturer from Great Britain. It was founded by Lee Noble in 1999 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company is made to produce high-speed sports cars with a rear-wheel drive layout and a rear-mid-engine. The owner and the chief designer of the company is also Lee Noble.

Although, he sold the company in the August of 2006 and eventually resigned in 2008, announcing a new company he went in, the Fenix Automotive just a year after. By then, the company moved to a larger plant in the Meridian Business Park.

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Since then, Noble has lessened its production and introduced only a handful of vehicles under their marquee, the M12 GTO-3, M12 GTO-3R, M12 GTO, and the Noble M400. THE M400 and the M12 GTO-3R both have the same body and chassis and only a very slight different on their suspensions and their engines.

The chassis and body that Noble uses are created by Hi-Tech Automotive based in Port Elizabeth in South Africa together with Superperformance cars. Once the body cover is already crafted, they are being transferred to the manufacturing plant of Noble, where all the transmissions and engines are installed in.

Noble introduced the M600 in 2009. The M600 is a car that took the company into the hyper-car category. This Ferrari/Porsche killer fires a whopping 650BHP from its 4.4-litre Yamaha twin turbocharged engine, all wrapped up by a light-weight carbon fiber body and chassis. The M600 was delivered to its buyers in 2010 with the price of 200,000 Great Britain Pounds or 300,000 Euros.

Noble Car Models List

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When it comes to its other cars, the Noble GTO-3R and the M400 were imported to the United States of America in only 220 units. They are also the only Noble vehicles available to the US markets.

The M600 was first tested in public and was then compared to the Ferrari Enzo and the Porsche Carrera GT. The said car was also featured in Top Gear, a famous vehicle media, to where Jeremy Clarkson gave his complaints about the lacking of several features but expressed his amazement on the speed and power of the killing machine.

Here is the Full List of Noble Car Models and Variants:

  • Noble M400
  • Noble M15
  • Noble M12 GTO 3R
  • Noble m600
  • Noble M14

    Noble M14 car model

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    The Noble M14 is a concept car designed and created by Noble Automotive, a British automaker. It was first introduced at the British Motorshow in 2004. This prototype has a 400 bhp engine with tin turbochargers and six-speed manual transmissions. It was not released in the market and was only a feature on Noble’s lineup.

Video of Noble Car Models


Photos of Noble’s Different Types of Cars

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Official Website of the Company:

Noble Cars

Noble Vehicle News, Trivias, Photos and Car Updates.

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