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Complete Honda City Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Honda City Car Model Review

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Are you planning to buy your very first set of wheels? If you’re eyeing a sedan, Honda City is a good starter vehicle for you. Honda has made its name in the automobile market when it comes to high-quality sedans. Since 1981, it has been manufacturing City models that are more than at par compared with other car makes‘ sedan.

Honda City car model at 25th Trans Sports Show

Among it’s car series, this article will discuss about the latest installment of the latest generation-the Honda City (2015). Sitting between the models Jazz and Civic, the Honda City serves as a good sedan option for both models.

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Note: This car models has really never been on top sales until the 2009 generation came in the market. However, the price was given at around $20,000, which disappointed some customers. Because of this, Honda cut off a few thousand dollars to make the price a bit more realistic and affordable.

While the newest 2nd generation Honda City models were introduced with improved features such as increased fuel efficiency in engine, Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT, and a multi-media system that can be operated through almost any smartphone. The models are also much sleeker and bigger than the previous installments.

Now, let’s take a look at the details about this car and see if the latest City models are more superior than their predecessor models.

Functionality and Comfort

First of all, Honda did a great job in delivering the new Honda City (2015) by achieving improvements when it comes to value for money, engine performance, and optimum specification levels. This is because of the car make’s years of effort in figuring out how customers use their automobiles, what they prefer and what disappoint them, and the engine and function improvements they are looking for. Good thing, this vehicle is a product of success.

Honda City’s aesthetic design is inspired with a sedan that has smooth curves from front to back. In some ways, it is similar to that of the coupes. It is sleek and shiny, yet looks tough enough for a sedan. Its nose-down front (hood and below) highlights the automobile’s width, seemingly showcasing people that the new City model of Honda is bigger and tougher in built. It is also crafted with a cool aero-style bumper and added inlets.

Note: The Honda City 1.5 VX Navi Modulo Aero Sports model has an advance sporty design, a finely honed exterior while maintaining its well-toned athlete form. As for the accessories, the Aero Sports model is equipped with a front grille, a front, side, and rear under spoiler, a tailgate wing-type spoiler, an illuminated side-step garnish, and the hip modulo emblem.

Honda City Car Model Front View

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Honda also intended the City (2015) model to have the character line from front to rear so emphasized that even on different weather conditions, the lines can be seen. What improves this auto’s profile is also the flared rear wheel arches. As for the rear lamp clusters, Honda Company decided to set these up with chrome license plate surrounds.

In terms of space capacity, the Honda City (2015) has made improvements from its previous models. While Honda tried to keep its City model in the confines of a sedan built, it made adjustments by expanding the newest models’ wheel base. Although the seating capacity is still good for five persons, the passengers and the driver can sit with significant comfort because of the increase leg, shoulder, and head room in the car’s interior. The rear of the vehicle showcases a bigger room. With 536 liters of space capacity, Honda confidently scores it at about 4 in a golf bag scale.

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Note: The Honda City 1.5 VX Navi Modulo Aero Sports model, however, has 4440mm in length, 1495 in height, and 1695 in width. It is almost the same size as its predecessor models, but Honda made sure that the space was maximized for people and minimized for its mechanical components.

2012 Honda City Rear View

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Now, let’s go down to the model’s features. As a car enthusiast, you’d definitely want your new set of wheels to have the latest technology in utility, engine, and aesthetic, but also in entertainment and safety. Thankfully, this model has improved features when it comes to its entertainment and connectivity system. Honda City’s central audio display boasts of a 7-inch colored touch screen that is both accessible to the driver and the front seat passenger.

If you’re driving with your loved one and would want to turn up the music, you can stream music via Bluetooth connection that is compatible with Apple and almost any Android phones. Video playback and HDMI audio playing is also possible.

Note: Honda City’s display audio can also be integrated with Siri, so you won’t need to take your eyes off the road when you want commands done. How do I do this, you say. You just have to hold the “Talk” button located on the steering wheel and voila–you can easily use Apple’s voice command.

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Satellite navigation is also one of the improvements that you will find in Honda City (2015). You just have to download an application onto your phone device and use it instead of the in-car system. This will allow you to utilize a user-friendly navigation system while driving. The satellite navigation system is good when you are traveling to new places and would want to have specific directions to your destination. Being the smartphone-reliant kind of vehicle, you will definitely find comfort and convenience in driving this innovative sedan.

Honda City’s safety system is also one of the things you’d love. It comprises of ABS braking, emergency braking, and electronic brake force allocation. The vehicle is also built with a stability assist system that has a traction control. This vehicle also has a hill start assist system. When there is hard braking, the rear lights flash the emergency stop signal, allowing the following drivers to slow down. In several crash conditions, the Advance Compatibility Engineering (ACE) which is Honda’s long-time body structure, allows the driver and passengers to get the most protection as possible.

The vehicle is also equipped with six airbags as well as whiplash-mitigating head controls that is located on the front seat.

One good thing about Honda City is its reversing camera–it is a standard for all models and has the wide, top-down, and normal modes. However, if you want to add rear parking sensors, an additional fee is added (roughly $450).


Excited about the details of the engine performance? Primarily, the improved Honda City comes in three versions: the VTi manual, VTi automatic, and the VTi-L automatic-all of which have upgraded 1.5 i-VTEC petrol engine. You might be disappointed with this, but Honda decided to carry the same engine from the previous Honda City models. With a 4-cylinder petrol engine in 1.5-liter SOHC, you can be sure that this model can reach good mileage.

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As for the power and torque, these remain unchanged with 88kW and 145Nm. On the brighter side, Honda’s lightweight technology and the installment of CVT improves the model’s fuel consumption. If you are driving on a city or a highway, you can eve reach a mark of 5.7 liters for every 100 kilometers. Now, that is economical!

Even better, there is this Eco Assist function that helps the driver maintain a minimal fuel consumption. How is that? Honda City monitors your driving style by using the outer ring of the vehicle’s speedometer. Depending on the driving mode, fuel efficiency is improved and a blue light changes to green for an indication. And the best thing about it is this: you can even maximize fuel economy! By activating the Econ system at the push of a button, drive-by-wire throttle system is being remapped, allowing the vehicle to consume as less fuel as possible.

Honda City Speedometer

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Test-driving the Honda City (2015) gives you a smooth and forward experience in a Normal mode. On the other hand, when you shift to Econ during a hard acceleration, you’ll find the engine a bit struggling. When you try to hit up the speed, the engine will seem to hold back, but this is because of its effort to save as much fuel as it can. If you are going to drive in a motorway, it is safe to say that the numbers will be 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers in terms of fuel consumption. And if you’re going to drive around town, it will be 10 liters per 100 kilometers.


When it comes to performance, the Honda City (2015) takes a back seat–this is because of the low fuel consumption and low emissions. However, the model offers a lot of impressive standard issues that some of its competing sedans don’t have. Not to mention the improved aesthetic and bigger interior, you’d definitely get your money’s worth here. So, it is still worth it to purchase a Honda City (2015) for a sedan that is more than the par standards.

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