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Complete Audi TT Car Model, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Audi TT Car Model

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Check out any Audi list of models, and chances are, you’d find that the TT model would stand out as one of the most stylish.

Audi TT Car Model

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As such, we are really more than happy to be writing more about this particular model. The Audi TT, as impressive as it looks like, also is a high-performance vehicle that will truly provide hardcore motorists the thrill of speed that they quench for.

A Short Overview on the Audi TT Coupe

As marketed by Audi (a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group) last 1998, the Audi TT’s design originally stemmed from an award-winning concept car design created by the Volkswagen Group Design Center for the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept art, translated into reality by Audi, proved to be an authentic show of engineering wonder that continuously brought joy for motorists for the succeeding years.

Audi TT Car Model Rear View

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But what’s with the name of this prestigious coupe? Well, Audi took inspiration from its own history of the motorcycle racing tradition from the original line of companies that merged into the now-monolith of a motoring manufacturer,

Audi. With British Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) motorcycle races originally under Audi, the manufacturer decided to commemorate the wondrous experiences from the said events into the car – which, of course, resulted to an excellent choice for the prestigious reputation that the Audi TT holds.

Additionally, and in line with the times, the “TT” can also mean technology and tradition – the perfect phrase on how the Audi TT perfectly captures the best of both worlds.

Audi TT Specs You Need to Know About

In writing this review, we hope to only aim on the most important aspects of the Audi TT. This way, we hope that you and perhaps even other readers get to see how the Audi TT can best address what you look for in a vehicle.

As such, here are some important specs and features of the Audi TT that may impress you the most:

Cutting-Edge Motoring Smart Technology

The Audi TT integrates the latest and the best of smart technology that can definitely make each ride a memorable and efficient one. With a virtual cockpit that contains all the key features of the TT, control and access is at arm’s reach, and as simple as a tap or a swipe! Also, the cockpit has a unique UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) approach that will help out all sorts of drivers.

With classic (which features conventional readings, such as the speedometer and the tachometer) and infotainment (which combines the classic readings with more control features) views, drivers are sure to find an interface that will best fit their preferences.

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Also, the TT syncs with the innovative Audi connect system, which allows drivers and even passengers an even simpler way to stay connected. By integrating with Google Earth (for GPS functions), one can be sure of knowing his or her bearings around the world.

And for even better user-friendly features, the Audi TT safely and quickly connects with both Apple and Android devices. Also, the car comes with MMI touch technology – rather than tap or type a command, a user can simply “write” for an even more convenient experience!

Smart Driver Assistance

More than helping drivers and passengers to stay connected, the Audi TT also comes with several driving assistance systems for easier and safer drives. The parking system feature, which integrates the use of a rear view camera, allows one to prevent collisions, especially when backing up in tight parking spots or corners.

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For on-the-road scenarios, the Audi TT also comes with radar sensors. This allows one to safely know of incoming dangers, with optical warnings to even help out drivers be wary of potential trouble vehicles, objects, or pedestrians.

Awesome Design

Of course, the Audi TT may perhaps be best known for its iconic and even legendary design. The stylish line or curves that the car has, is perfectly complemented by the muscle that the body seems to exude. This is a result of the unique and innovative Single frame grille, which allows the car to have its unique look and live out the design philosophy that the car is known of.

Audi TT Car Model Front View

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Also, the Audi TT is known for it full LED headlights, which come with programmable daylight running technology. The Audi TT’s adaptive rear spoiler also brings about more muscle to the frame.

Inside, the car continues to dazzle. Comfortable leather upholstery, bolstered by the mentioned tech-savvy features of the car, is akin to a time warp to a snazzy future. Yet, as much as one can be dazzled by the beauty within, the Audi TT still has a welcoming ambience that will surely delight all sorts of drivers and passengers.

Audi TT Car Model Side View

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Impressive Drives Guaranteed

The Audi TT is guaranteed to impress. From the stylish appearance to the powerful performance assured by the force within the car’s hood, the Audi TT will definitely give both drivers and passengers a memorable experience that everyone will truly treasure.

Audi TT Coupe Car Model Review

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Also, the car’s impressive infotainment features (and equally-impressive audio system) assures of truly entertaining drives. As such, we would want more people to know how impressive the Audi TT is – make sure to drop by the nearest dealership to experience just how great this car is in the flesh. You surely won’t be disappointed!

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