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It’s surprising that China is qualified as one of the countries producing top car manufacturers. It’s indeed a jaw-dropper for everyone especially that its car market is actually growing. Chinese car manufacturers Hongqi, Geely, Chery, and BYD Auto are currently contributing to its progressing industry.

Top Car Manufacturers

Hongqi (1958)

Hongqi was the first ever production of Chinese car industry, and it was considered as one of the most remarkable luxury car company of the country. It specifically caters to high class consumers who desire to alleviate traffic jam.

Its known models include the Hongqi H7 (features were inspired on Toyota Crown), HQ3 (with resemblance on UK’s Bentley), and L5 (the most expensive Hongqi according to Forbes).

Geely (1986)

Geely is another successful Chinese automobile. Li Shifu was indeed in luck when he produced it, because his production has given the industry a good fortune. His secret in creating automobiles, transmissions, and engine is a perfect combination of passion and innovation

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Its known models include the Hongaqi MK, CK, and GCY.

Chery (1997)

Another China’s best is Chery. It is known as the leading automobile company in the country. It is also the country’s biggest passenger exporter.

Its known models include the Chery QQ (a legend in the automobile industry), Easter Cross (affordable SUV), and EV (affordable van).

BYD Auto (2003)

Completing China’s finest car manufacturers is BYD Auto. It’s a known bus company of the country. It mainly focuses on featuring new technologies in the car market. One good example is the electric MPV, BYD e-6.

Its other models include the BYD Auto F3-R (compact hatchback), L3 (saloon), and M6 (SUV).


Suprisingly, China has an outstanding car market and some of the succeeding are the Hongqi, Geely, Chery, and BYD Auto. Each ha the goal of bettering quality drive to every consumers of China.

Here is the full list of car brands in China:


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