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Complete Great Wall Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Great Wall Car Models List

Great Wall Motors Company Limited or aptly called Great Wall Motors, is an automobile manufacturer from China. The name of the company came from one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, the Great Wall of China. It is currently the biggest SUV (sports utility vehicle) producer in China.

Great Wall Motor official logo of the company

Despite the decline of SUV sales in China, Great Wall was still able to perform well. Matter-of-factly, they even rose three ranks higher and was considered as the seventh biggest automaker in China. During this time, they were able to produce over 675,000 units. They were able to export over 95,000 units as well.

Primarily, Great wall designs, manufactures, and sells trucks, cars, and SUVs under the Great Wall brand and premium SUVs for the Haval brand.

Related Other Chinese Car Brand (BAIC) Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd.

Great Wall made their public offering on the Hong Kong stock exchange in the last quarter of 2003 and is the first private automobile manufacturer to become a public company. They are also considering on listing themselves in the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Their sales in 2010 was only less than 400,000 units per year with exports not more than 50,000. However, their Haval H series is the 2nd bestselling SUV in China, split in two models, the Haval H3 and Haval H5.

Their sales boosted a year after with more than 480,000 units per year and was considered as the 10th largest in China. This big leap actually gave birth to the controversy of employment abuse. It was alleged that they only allow works to have one day off per week and their new hires were reported to have undergone a military-style training which lasted for months.

Great Wall Haval H3 car model

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Great Wall started to sell their units in Europe in 2006 which mainly composed of minivans. They also shipped 500 SUVs in Italy. They began shipping products to Australia in 2009. Their sales on the European market continued and even opened up a factory in Bulgaria to assemble three of their units.

Here is the Full List of Great Wall Motor Car Models and Variants:

  • Great Wall Coolbear
  • Great Wall Peri
  • Great Wall Haval H6
  • Great Wall Voleex C10
  • Great Wall Hover
  • Great Wall Wingle 5

    Great Wall Wingle 5 car model

    Image source:

    The Great Wall Wingle 5 is a pickup truck designed and produced by Great Wall, a Chinese automaker. It was first introduced in 2011 and is an improved version of the original Wingle. It is powered by a 2-L turbodiesel engine running in 141hp.

  • Great Wall Voleex Hatchback

    Great Wall Voleex Hatchback Variants

    – Great Wall Voleex Hatchback C30 Dignity

  • Great Wall Voleex Sedan

    Great Wall Voleex Sedan Variants

    – Great Wall Voleex Sedan C30 Elite M/T
    – Great Wall Voleex Sedan C30 Elite A/T

  • Great Wall Haval H5

    Great Wall Haval H5 Variants

    – Great Wall Haval H5 Luxury
    – Great Wall Haval H5 Elite (with Skyroof)

  • Great Wall Haval M2

    Great Wall Haval M2 Variants

    Great Wall Haval M2 1.5L VVT Gas Luxury

  • Great Wall Haval M4

    Great Wall Haval M4 Variants

    – Great Wall Haval M4 1.5L VVT Gas Luxury

  • Great Wall Pegasus
  • Great Wall Wingle

    Great Wall Wingle Variants

    – Great Wall Wingle Single Cab (w/o Bedliner)
    – Great Wall Wingle Dual Cab (w/o Bedliner)
    – Great Wall Wingle Dual Cab (w/ Bedliner)
    – Great Wall Wingle 4×2 Luxury
    – Great Wall Wingle 4×4 Luxury

  • Great Wall Haval H3

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Photos of Great Wall Motor Different Types of Cars

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Official Website of the Company:

Great Wall Global Car Brand

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