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Europe Car Brands

Europe Car Brands and Models


Europe is as high class as its car innovations. The country may experience tough competition in the industry, yet its innovation is on top. One of its greatest competitors is American cars, however European cars like Mercedes had the edge to dethrone American vehicles like Cadillac.

European Car Manufacturers

European cars speak luxury in a form of sports cars, which are widely recognized. Its top automobiles are distributed in the beautiful cities of Germany, Britain, and Italy. These countries are as significant and beauteous as its highly innovated luxury sports vehicles.

German Cars

When looking for a lifetime vehicle, most Europeans suggest German cars. It’s because German cars has longer function than most of its competitors. Its usage is as long as a cat’s life-more than one.

Aside from highlighting its long term use, Germany also boasts its popular rides Porsche and Mercedes. Both are costly yet worth the buy. Another country’s considered great innovation is Volkswagen. It is the cheapest among Porsche and Mercedes.

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British Cars

Most European cars are manufactured in Great Britain, and that includes Aston Martin and McLaren. Both rides are the most recognized sports vehicles in the country. But, for elegance and luxury, British drivers consider Jaguar, Rolls Royce, and Bentley.

Italian Cars

Another European manufacturer is in Italy. The country is much known for its mass production of muscular vehicular models. Its much recognized sports automobiles are Alpha Romeo and Ferrari. Both rides have huge contribution in the racing industry, particularly Formula One.


The Home of Royals, Europe is also the country of luxurious sports cars. Its automobile’s exquisite design and quality performance plays a significant role in Europe’s successful car industry. Germany’s Porsche and Mercedes; Britain’s Aston Martin and McLaren; and Italy’s Alpha Romeo and Ferrari contribute a lot to the country’s booming car industry.

Here is the full list of car brands in Europe:


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