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France Car Brands

french car manufacturers

The rich culture of France is as astonishing as its success in the European car market. Proving this is a number of distinguished car manufacturers starting from its production up to now. Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Bugatti, and Venturi are just some of France’s top production.

Top Car Manufacturers

Peugeot (1882)

Peugeot is France’s top automotive company known worldwide. Its captivating design and quality performance has been distributed in parts of China, Latin America, and Russia.

Its known models include the Peugeot 108, X68 series, and GTI series.

Renault (1898)

France also boasts Renault, because of its decent look and innovative features. It is also recognized for its affordability. Such qualities have defeated other car manufacturers like Mitsubishi’s Outlander and Volvo V60.

Its known models include the Renault Zoe, KWD, and Lodgy.

Citroen (1919)

Added in the country’s success is Citroen. Andre Citroen was the pioneer of the innovative automotive.

Its known models include the Citroen C2, C4 Picasso, and C-Elysee (known for its exquisite design).

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Bugatti (1945)

The success of Bugatti somehow relates to the acquisition of Germany’s Volkswagen on the manufacturer. It made Bugatti Grand Sport, Super Sport, and Veyron so famous in France.

Its other known models include the Rembrandt Bugatti, Black Bess, and Jean Bugatti (all with luxurious and sporty designs).

Venturi (1984)

Another France’s product is Venturi. This car company is highly known for its luxury electric vehicles, which totally stand out among other French cars. Its production truly highlights the distribution of electric cars in every parts of France.

Its known models include the Venturi Eclectic (described as an electric sports car with a full 340 km range and a max of 100 miles per hour), Fetish (distinguished from its unique look and named as the World’s First Solar-Electric Vehicle), and P4 series.


French cars are known for producing innovative yet affordable automobiles for each consumer of France. Its highly innovated automobiles include the Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Bugatti, and Venturi.

Here is the full list of car brands in France:


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