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South Korea Car Brands

south korean car brands

The world is indeed full of surprises just like Korea’s automotive industry. Its Southern and Northern vehicles are much like the appearance and function of a man and a woman, really different. The distinct difference between the two manufacturers is that the former creates military services while the latter produces export and personal vehicles.

South Korea is the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world. It is known for creating top companies Kia Motors, Renault Samsung Motors, Hyundai, and Daewoo.

Top car manufacturers

Kia Motors (1944)

Hyundai Motor Group is the first manufacturer in South Korea to produce motor vehicles. It still continues to be the largest and oldest automobile company today. All its models cater to the needs of each consumer.

Its known models include the Kia Rio LX Sedan (extremely accessible), Picanto, and Venga.

Renault Samsung Motors (1954)

Renault Samsung Motors is headquartered in Busan, South Korea. It’s been providing trust and been giving impressive performance to its consumers.

Its known models include the Renault Samsung Motors SM5 (first manufactured automobile), SM3, and QM5 (the crossover).

Hyundai (1967)

Korea’s most recognized car manufacturer Hyundai was built in Seoul, Korea. Hyundai has always been known for its outstanding progress and innovation. It’s been a success ever since its annual production of one million and a half Hyundai cars. This success had dethroned huge car companies like Ford, Honda, and Nissan.

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Its known models include the Hyundai Accent, Sonata, and Tucson.

Daewoo (1967)

Daewoo’s various rebranding gets better and better as its car innovations. From Saenara Motor to Shinjin Industrial to Shinjin Motor, Kim Woo-Jung changed it to today’s best known, Daewoo. Its collaboration with General Motors was a huge success for being known in Korea.

Its known models include the Daewoo Matiz, Nubira, and Lanos.


South Korea’s success in car market includes such manufacturers like Kia Motors, Renault Samsung Motors, Hyundai, and Daewoo. These rides mainly provide progressive look and constant innovation to Korean consumers.

Here is the full list of car brands in South Korea:


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