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Sweden’s economic success from discovering ECG to pioneering zippers has gone a long way. The country even had its success in the car market. Proving it are the top manufacturers Volvo, Saab Automobile AB, and Koenigsegg.

Top Car Manufacturers in Sweden

Volvo (1927)

Volvo is Sweden’s first innovated vehicle. The country has been boasting it as one of the renowned multinational automobile manufacturer in the world. It commonly produces commercial vehicles like buses and passenger automobiles.

Its known models include the Volvo XC series (all-wheel crossover), V40 (elegant hatchback), and S60 (luxury sports sedan).

Saab Automobile AB (1945)

Saab Automobile AB or Saab is also the country’s top car company. It has been producing best-selling vehicles ever since its production. Yet, it was acquired by the National Electric Vehicle (NEV). NEV is known to produce electric and compact executive cars for the Swedish market. NV is expected to release new models of Saab in 2017.

Its known models include the Saab 9-3 Viggen (fastest four-cylinder ride), 900 Turbo (compact luxury automobile), and 96 (classic vehicle).

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Koenigsegg (1994)

Sweden’s Koenigsegg Automotive AB or much known as Koenigsegg is the country’s only manufacturer specializing in hyper-cars. Hyper-cars are recognized as high performing automobiles, and were named the fastest world-class supercars. The country’s first hybrid hyper-car was launched in the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Its other models include the Koenigsegg Agera (first hyper-car), Trevita (top performing ride), and CCX (mid-engine sports car).


When it comes to obtaining Sweden’s wealth in economy, there is no doubt that the country has done it all. From pioneering ECG to inventing zippers to manufacturing finest car models, Sweden has done a great job over its success. Swedish are into driving top evolving car brands like the Volvo, Saab Automobile AB and Koenigsegg.

Here is the full list of car brands in Sweden:


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