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When tourists think of Dubai, the first thing that comes in their mind is the sand dunes. Sand dunes are basically the reason Dabawis drive a 4×4 wheel ride. But 4×4 isn’t just the only ride in Dubai.

The country also has other finest vehicles made from Nissan Dubai, Infinity Dubai, and W Motors.

Top Car Manufacturers in Dubai

Nissan Dubai (1957)

Nissan Dubai is the country’s ticket to success in the car market. It has been in demand ever since its establishment 200 decades ago. Nissan’s been manufactured to provide family cars all over parts of Dubai.

But its current success led the company to operate at most 20 countries including Japan.

Its known models include the Nissan Kicks (crossover), Navara (pick-up), and 370Z Roadster (top-down car).

Infiniti Dubai (1968)

Infinity is another Dubai’s success. Part of its achievement is mainly because of Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC). AAC is the second largest automobile distributor in Dubai, which included Nissan on Dubai’s top manufacturers.

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Dubai’s Infinity is known for distributing innovative and luxury crossovers and sedans.

Its known models include the Infiniti M (mid-size four-door sedan), M5 Sport (four-door sports sedan), and Q50 (four-door luxury sedan).

W Motors (2012)

W Motors is Dubai’s latest car manufacturer. Just like Infiniti, it also provides luxury vehicles, but it is mostly hypersports cars and sedans this time.

Its known models include the Lykan Hypersport (hypersports car), Lykan Roadster (hypersports car), and Fenyr Supersport (luxury supercar).


The good thing about Dabawis is their continuous support in Dubai’s car industry, even if the country’s kind of market is for high end citizens.

Dubai’s top car manufacturers like Nissan Dubai, Infiniti Dubai, and W Motors have the style of luxury and innovation. It started from a crossover to a top-down car to a four door luxury sedan, and currently a luxury hypersports car.

Here is the full list of car brands in Dubai: