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Australia Car Brands

Australia Car Brands


In Australia, having an Australian accent is sexy, but having an Australian ride is even more desirable. Mainly because Australian vehicles got that sporty look most millennials are so into nowadays.

Australian cars particularly Holden, Toyota, and EPV are Australia’s best rides, which contributed a lot to the country’s prosperous wealth.

Top Car Manufacturers in Australia

Holden (1908)

Holden is the first car manufacturer that originated in Melbourne Australia. Ever since its establishment, it became one of Australia’s primer successes, and became internationally renowned for its affordability.

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Holden has been in the business for about 100 years, and it has already mastered the production of different car models from mini cars to sports cars to SUVs.

Its known models include the Holden Barina Spark (mini car), Colorado (sports car), and Captiva 5 (SUV).

Toyota (1958)

Toyota is another of Australia’s pride. Its production became widely known in parts of Japan as well. With over its 20 finest models, there is no doubt Toyota provides a big contribution in the car market today.

Its known models include the Toyota Corolla (passenger car), FJ Cruiser (SUV), and Hiace (commercial car).

FPV (2002)

Completing Australia’s finest manufacturers is Ford Performance Vehicle or known today as FPV. FPV is the third largest car production in the country, and it only produces some of the best today. It has an impressive collection of medium to large vehicles, which are ideally made for domestic and export market.

Its known models include the Ford Kuga Suva, Fiesta, and Mondeo.


With Australia’s pride and success in the car market, there is no doubt Holden, Toyota, FPV are the top car manufacturers of the country.

Each car company produces variety of models from small to large to sporty to commercial cars. It’s like you’re getting an all in one deal with Australian cars.

Here is the full list of car brands in Australia:


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