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Austria Car Brands

Austria car manufacturers


Austria is a place where roads and highways are exceptionally in good condition. It is a disciplined country, because of its implemented Austrian Road System. Austrian’s driving experience has improved in the country.

But Austrians must never forget to try the country’s top performing manufacturers Lauren and Klement, Graf and Stift, and Tushek and Spigel Supercars GmbH, because it could better their driving experience.

Top Car Manufacturers in Austria

Laurin and Klement (1905)

Austrian motorcycles are given an appreciation in the country. It is all because it was pioneered by one of the country’s top car manufacturers, Laurin and Klement. Aside from motorcycles, Laurin and Klement also produced bicycles and cars in the country.
Its known models include the Laurin and Klement 300 (classic car), Slavia (bicycle), and Titan (motorcycle).

Graf and Stift (1902)

Graf and Stift is another Austria’s best and first production of luxury limousines. This car manufacturer also plays a huge role in historical events particularly during the WW1 and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

Its difference amongst car companies is its huge contribution in the production of buses, trucks, and trolleybuses. Its large vehicles made the manufacturer renowned in Austria.

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Its known models include the Graf and Stift 1911 Double Phaeton (historical car), SP8 Pullman (limousine), and 1980 (trolleybus).

Tushek and Spigel Supercars GmbH (2012)

Tushek and Spigel is Austria’s top production of Supercars. Its automobiles are powered with high performance engine that makes it qualified for racing with other vehicles.

Its known models include the Tushek and Spigel t500 (top-down Supercar), T6 600 (supercar), and T600 (supercar).


The beautiful thing about Austrian cars is its production of various car models. It manufactures the finest motorcycles, buses, and supercars produced by Austria’s best Laurin and Klement, Graf and Stift, and Tushek and Spigel Supercars GmbH, respectively.

Here is the full list of car brands in Austria:


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