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Complete Acura MDX Car Model Review, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Acura MDX Car Model Review

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Luxury cars, although way more expensive, are undoubtedly better than ordinary automobiles. Many say that you’re just paying for vanity-but it really isn’t that. People who have the capability to splurge money for such vehicle do get what they pay for, and they deserve all the features that come along with the automobile.

2010 2013 Acura MDX Model

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Yes, it is practical to purchase a car from an ordinary yet credible car maker, but if you could have a better choice (given that you have tons of greens), wouldn’t you choose a luxury car? If you’re planning to purchase a high-end crossover SUV that delivers overall package, you’d better check out the line-up of models from Acura.

As a division of a world-renowned Japanese car company, Honda, Acura has been offering luxury vehicles since its launching in the year 1986.

Being the pioneer Japanese vehicle brand, This car brand made a credible name for itself. As a matter of fact, the birth of this car company inspired other car manufacturers, Toyota and Nissan, to create their own division of luxury brands, namely, Lexus and Infinity. In the US, This car is considered as one of the luxury brands that deliver good sales record because of its durable and optimum-performing high-end vehicle.

The MDX (or Multi-Dimensional Luxury) has been skyrocketing in terms of sales. Yes, it is the most expensive model in the automaker’s line-up, but the vehicle has all the valid reasons to be considered the best of Acura. This article is dedicated in giving you an unbiased review about the latest luxury crossover SUV yet from the car make, the Acura MDX 2015. So, get ready to take up some points on why you should purchase this vehicle.

Note: There are four models being offered in Acura MDX 2015: the base model ‘MDX’, the ‘Tech’, the ‘Tech Entertainment’, and the ‘Advance Entertainment’. Whether you are choosing any of these models, you can opt to a front-wheel drive vehicle or an AWD (all-wheel drive).

The Advance Entertainment model, which is considered top-of-the-line, has a roster of cool features such as the following: Lane Keeping Assist, an engine start function through a keyfob-linked remote controller, parking sensors (front and rear), Adaptive Cruise Control (functioning with the feature called ‘low-speed follow’), collision mitigation braking, a wide-screen entertainment system at the rear (installed with HDMI), ELS audio system that is comprised of 12 speakers, roof rails, an upholstery made from a premium perforated Milano leather, and ventilated front seats.

Functionality and Comfort

If there’s one word that fits the Acura MDX 2015, it’s ‘reliability’. This family-friendly crossover SUV offers a three-row seating capacity and a lot of convenient features that cannot be found in ordinary SUVs or vans.

When it comes to exterior, the MDX 2015 doesn’t really showcase an apparent sprucing up. Although there is that sport wagon-inspired outer design, you might think that this model has little to show off upon first look. But don’t be fooled by the looks. While the MDX maintains its same dimensions for years now, the 2015 model somehow looks a little slim because of the minimal high-end aesthetic implemented and a lot more rounded-edges design.

The Acura MDX 2015 has an improved roofline that is more tapered, its front-end is made a lot chiseled, and the rear-end has a smoother and more polished look. Its ‘beak-like’ front end (which is the same on most Acura models) somehow brings a thumbs down to some buyers, but it is safe to say that it is more of a flattering feature.

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Adding to its stream-lined yet elegant look is the clean-cut airdam design on front which is more emphasized by the prominent matte-chrome elements and the ‘jewel-eye’ headlamps (LED). The vehicle’s slanted and leveled V-shaped stack on the center is also a good edge on the MDX’s exterior. However, the automobile looks more ordinary from the back with its lined LED lamps and the assimilated tailpipe.

With a wheelbase that is made four inches longer than its predecessor models, the Acura MDX 2015 third row’s capability of handling more passengers has greatly improved. So, there won’t be any problem when it comes to filling up extra seats at the back. Because of its outer aesthetic, this crossover SUV is closer to looking like a sport wagon.

Acura MDX Rear View

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The interior is what will impress you. Acura paid more attention in sprucing up the inside of the MDX 2015 and upon entering the vehicle, you could tell the improvements it has compared with its predecessor models. The vehicle is surprisingly large inside and a lot roomier.

If you’re going to have a problem with the MDX’s size, it might probably be the parking because this automobile is designed with a large built. For a three-row crossover SUV, the interior will surely dazzle those who prioritize seating and cargo capacity. The front seats are comfortable to sit on, supportive, and apparently are top-quality (as expected from a luxury vehicle). Even better, the second row seats can be slid to and fro for about six inches.

Acura also decided to equip the outboard seats on the second row with a tiny lighted button that functions for access on the third row seats; with just a press of a button, the smartly-crafted spring-activated function lets you slip into the third row seat. With the vehicle’s careful engineering in seating capacity, plus the useful functions for a more comfortable storage solutions, you get everything you need in terms of space.

Moreover, Acura MDX 2015’s interior also boasts of an impressive center-console setup that is also built with a slide-out tray for a little food on-the-go. Your passengers will surely love this feature once you do a drive-thru and order grub for a long highway-driving.

When it comes to features that enhance driving experience, you’d be happy to know that the Acura MDX 2015 is astoundingly quiet inside. Acura put two important functions in the cabin, the Active Cancellation System and the Active Engine Mount System, that aids in suppressing low-frequency vibrations that are coming from the vehicle’s powertrain.

As for the MDX’s front windows and windshield, a full-on high-quality acoustic glass is installed. On other parts of the vehicle, a more solid and noise-suppressing type of glass is used, as well as several insulations. The company also focused in eliminating cabin air leakage to improve sealing out residual noise.

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If there’s one drawback you’d probably wish Acura would have improved more, it’s the fact that Acura MDX 2015 only comes in four interior color theme. You could choose among hues of Eucalyptus, Ebony, Parchment, or Graystone. Thankfully, more interior hues are about to be introduced, so if you can afford the time to wait for this, it might be worth the wait.

This car manufacturer also generously included additional features that improves driving comfort and experience. With the base model from Acura MDX 2015, you get an 8-speaker audio system in a total power of 432watts. This premium audio system is offered in three configurations. As for the Acura MDX 2015 Technology model, you get a 10-speaker audio system in 501watts.

The Technology and Entertainment models come in DVD entertainment systems, plus an 11-speaker audio system (for Entertainment model) at 529watts. The best you can get is from the Advance Entertainment model–it comes with a 12-speaker audio system and an entertainment system that includes a 16.2-inch screen that is Ultra-Wide HDMI.

There are also other features that you can opt to such as the following: exterior accessories (mudguards, side moldings, garnish trim, and running boards), back-up sensors, steering wheel (wooden), engine-block heater, a shift knob trim, mat and tray for the cargo area, and a first aid kit.

Engine and Performance

Acura has always been excellent when it comes to equipping its roster of vehicles with optimum-performance engines. The Acura MDX 2015 showcases a 290-horsepower from the all-season 3.5-liter V-6 engine that is pumped up with direct injection. This engine is up to par with the equally top-notch Earth Dreams technologies from Honda.

Even better, the MDX 2015 is made with an All-Wheel Drive system or SH-AWD which offers improved all-weather driving traction, as well as cornering control. This function (front-wheel drive torque distribution) may vary from 30% up to 90% (70% distributed to the rear wheels)–or even all the way up to a hundred percent on either side (left or right) of wheels.

The Acura MDX 2015 engine is hooked up to a 6-speed Automatic transmission (in all four models) that you can paddle-shift using the steering wheel. Moreover, Acura has carefully designed the engine to alleviate torque steer by altering the vehicle’s geometry (decreasing the center offset and the driveshaft). As a matter of fact, even the powertrain is placed lower. To achieve the multi-link design, the trailing arm at the rear suspension is removed–but this is for a better engine performance.

Fuel economy is also one of the great things you’d love about the Acura MDX 2015. With an EPA rate of 18mpg on city driving and 27mpg on highway driving, you will surely get the most distance out of every drop of fuel. As a matter of fact, the MDX 2015 is 6mpg better compared to its previous model. Also, there is a fascinating fact about MDX 2015 that Acura confidently claims: the vehicle can last a full 1.5 miles at a speed rate of 70mph–all because of the redesigned aerodynamics and set of tires that have the low-rolling resistance feature.

As for safety, Acura MDX 2015 is comprised of a line-up of safety features that are highly engineered for utmost driver and passenger protection. You’d be impressed to know that aside from the usual airbag installations, this vehicle is also built with a knee airbag on the driver’s seat. Furthermore, there’s also a Wide View Camera installed on all MDX 2015 models, as well as a system called Blind Spot Information.

However, the base MDX 2015 model doesn’t have the BSI. The ‘Lane Keeping Assist’ (LKAS) feature on Advance Entertainment models is what you will surely love–this function gives you a gentle yet proactive prod on the steering wheel to keep the vehicle maintained in the lane.

Acura MDX Car Model

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Acura MDX 2015 Technology models are also equipped with a Lane Departure Warning that notifies you when the vehicle is straying off the travel lane. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) is also an added feature, as this notifies you when the automobile is speedily getting closer next to a vehicle or when there’s a barrier ahead the road. Thankfully, the Acura MDX 2015 line-up earned decent ratings from a series of tests done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). It also earned an impressive five-star score on overall, frontal, and side impact tests made by the Federal Government.


Overall, the Acura MDX 2015 line-up steps up compared with its previous models. It is great design-wise, looks upscale, and comfortable inside. The added features, increased seating and cargo capacity, and upscale interior hues complement with each other for an impressive luxury vehicle. As for the engine, you get what you pay for. It is good in city and highway driving, very quiet, swift, and easy to handle. The fuel economy is also a good edge that you must not forget–it takes you anywhere at a good rate of a mileage and lesser fuel.

Safety-wise, you can never find a knee airbag from regular crossover SUVs. Plus, the good rating it earned from IIHS is something that you must not ignore because it does show that the MDX 2015 is not just looks and features, it’s also strength and durability. Lastly, the entertainment packages will surely wow you, and these does add to your ultimate driving experience. For a base price of $42,565 to the top models that are priced at about $56,780, this luxury car is a good catch. So, go to your nearest Acura dealership and shop for an Acura MDX 2015 crossover SUV now!

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