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Full & Complete List of GAZ Models, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Complete List of GAZ Models

GAZ, an abbreviation for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, is an automaker from Russia. Their name if translated in English is Gorky Automobile Plant. They were founded in 1932 and had the name NAZ back then. NAZ is actually an enterprise produced from a five-year plan made by Ford and the Soviet Union.

GAZ Official Logo of the Company

Their headquarters are located in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. They are currently the leading producer of vehicles in Russia. They primarily design and manufacture light and medium-duty vehicles, buses, cars, automotive components, heavy-duty trucks, and powertrains.

About half of their market shares belong to the light commercial vehicles part of the company, 58% from the medium-duty trucks, 65% from the bus segment, and 42% from the heavy-duty trucks division.

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GAZ has passed several world wars and from then on, they have been a constant number one choice of Russians whether for commercial vehicles or for trucks and buses. In 1981, they produced their then millionth vehicle.

GAZ 31061 Ataman-2 SUV Concept Car Model

Image source: wikimedia.org

In 2009, GAZ Group welcomed their new CEO, Bo Andersson. He is the former Vice President of General Motors. The company suffered from major financial crisis in 2008 and having a new CEO would probably solve the recurring problem. Andersson facilitated the renewal of their model range, partnership with international suppliers and after a few years achieved the company’s best financial status yet.

Andersson’s leadership bore great results that’s why he received the Automotive Executive of the Year Award from the International Automotive Forum. He was also named as a Eurostar of automotive industry.

In 2011, GAZ Group reached their top results when it comes to revenue, net profit, and margin. Their revenue topped at a whopping $4.1 billion and they earned $264 million in net profit.

GAZ continues to design and manufacture new vehicles at this date and even added hovercraft to their list of offered products.

Here is the Full List of GAZ Models and Variants:

  • GAZelle truck
  • GAZelle van
  • GAZelle ambulance
  • GAZelle minibus
  • GAZ Sobol
  • GAZelle Next
  • GAZelle Next Cityline
  • GAZelle Next minibus
  • four-wheel drive truck Sadko
  • GAZ-3307
  • GAZon Next
  • GAZ–MM
  • GAZ-64
  • GAZ-67
  • GAZ-51
  • GAZ-M20 ‘Pobeda’

    GAZ M20 Pobeda car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    The GAZ-M20 Pobeda is a car designed and produced by GAZ during the Soviet Union. It was first introduced in 1946. Its production ceased in 1958. It is powered by either a 62 hp inline six or a 50 hp inline four engines.

  • GAZ-63
  • GAZ-69
  • GAZ-53
  • GAZ-66
  • GAZ Tigr
  • GAZ Zemlyak
  • GAZ Valdai
  • GAZ-M1
  • GAZ-12 ZIM
  • GAZ-21
  • GAZ Chaika
  • GAZ-24
  • GAZ Volga
  • GAZ Volga Siber
  • GAZ 46
  • GAZ5903V Vetluga
  • GAZ-M20 Pobeda
  • GAZ-61

Video of GAZ Car Models


Photos of GAZ’ Different Types of Cars

(Photos Courtesy of https://en.wikipedia.org/)

Official Website of the Company:

GAZ Models

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