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Italy Car Brands

italian car brands list

With its classic architectural design of Romanesque, Baroque, and Renaissance buildings, there is no doubt Italy is the epitome of beauty. The country’s aesthetics is as beautiful as its car production. Top manufacturers Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini contributed a lot to Italy’s car production.

Top Car Manufacturers

Fiat (1989)

Car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler named one of today’s famous car models, Fiat. The country’s been boasting its models 500 and Panda in the marketplace. Each was awarded “The Popular Post-Car Vehicle” and “The 1980 European Car of the Year, respectively.

Its other known models include the Fiat Grande Punto, Uno, and Bravo.

Lancia (1906)

Another Italy’s top innovation is Lancia. Vincenzo Lancia also named, one of the country’s finest cars, after his name. It may not be a cost-effective ride, but it provides assurance as an outstanding vehicle.

Its known models include the Lancia Stratos, Flavia Cabriolet, and Delta S.

Alfa Romeo (1910)

Alfa Romeo also named his production after his name. His creation is a known production of sports cars worldwide. It even won the 1925 Grand Prix title.

Its known models include the Alfa Romeo MiTo, Spider, and 105 series.

Maserati (1914)

Maserati Brothers are the masterminds behind the creation of Italy’s another sports car manufacturer Maserati. It is mainly known for its speed and elegance.

Its known models include the Maserati Bora (most popular vehicle), Alfien (with similar features on Germany’s Porsche), and Levante.

Ferrari (1947)

Another Italy’s top car manufacturer Ferrari was created by Enzo Ferrari and Ferrari NV. Their brilliance on Ferrari’s design and production earned Ferrari the title “One of the World’s Best Games Autos” and the “Marvelous of Beauty Edge Supercars” (Top Gear). Ferrari also plays a significant role in Formula One.

Its known models include the Ferrari 458 Italia, F40, and 250 GT CALIF.

Lamborghini (1963)

Lamborghini is Italy’s latest top car innovation. Former army man, Ferrucio Lamborghini created it. His vehicles are known for outstanding speed and style. It’s Lamborghini is also recognized for having the best grand tourer auto in the country.

Its other known models include the Lamborghini R-GT (fastest vehicle), Espada, and Murcielago.


Italian cars are absolutely ideal for drivers who long to drive top performing cars with not just exquisite style but also with high performing speed. Suggested cars are Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

Here is the full list of car brands in Italy:


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