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Full & Complete List of Mazda Models, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Complete List of Mazda Models

Zooming past its rivals, the Japanese automotive manufacturer Mazda has shown that it has got what it takes to be a global leader in its field. Aptly named after a god, Ahura Mazda (a Persian-Zoroastrian god of some of the earliest civilizations in West Asia), and also derived from its great founder, Jujiro Matsuda, the brand shows pride in every model it releases from its assembly lines.

Mazda Official Logo of the Company

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This is justly so, with it being one of the most popular and stylish brands for both the common motorist and race driver as well.

Mazda’s accomplishments are many. Here are some of them:

Rotary Engine – ingenuity and the unique appeal of being different can be seen in the brand’s decision of sticking with a rotary engine. Unconventional as compared to tried-and-tested engines, the company’s engineering efforts have shown its skill on making the rotary engine a popular – and exciting – choice for drivers everywhere. So great it is, that this particular engine is considered synonymous on having a sporty and efficient ride.

Mazda Car Models ListFashionable Mazda Model

Image source: wikimedia.org

Friend of the Earth – the brand is constantly researching on what kind of material to make their cars out of, to provide a cleaner future for motorists (and for the world). The company has tried using all sorts of material, ranging from lightweight plastic to even milk, to create an actual “bio-car”.

Speed – the brand doesn’t go “zoom zoom” for nothing. Car models from this company is known to go at top speeds, making each driving experience fun and speedy. Safety is considered of course, with built-in car care systems implemented to prevent accidents from happening.

Here is the Full List of Mazda Models and Variants:

  • Mazda RX-8
  • Mazda Atenza
  • Mazda Axela
  • Mazda Tribute
  • Mazda MX-5

    Mazda MX-5 Variants
    – SKYACTIV-G 2.0 M/T
    – SKYACTIV-G 2.0 A/T

  • Mazda CX-7

    Mazda CX-7

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Launched in the year 2006, this MX-Crossport production version became a pitch to many customers. more

  • Mazda CX-3

    Mazda CX-3

    Image source: wikimedia.org

Mazda’s list of pickup truck car models:

  • Mazda BT-50

    Mazda BT-50 Variants
    – 2.2L 4×2 M/T
    – 2.2L 4×2 A/T
    – 3.2L 4×4 A/T

Mazda’s list of Sedan car models:

  • Mazda 2

    Mazda2 car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Mazda 2 Variants
    – SkyActiv S Sedan M/T
    – SkyActiv S Sedan A/T
    – SkyActiv V Hatch A/T
    – SkyActiv V Sedan A/T
    – SkyActiv R Sedan A/T
    – Speed A/T

  • Mazda 3

    Mazda3 car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Mazda 3 Variants
    – 1.5 Skyactiv V Sedan A/T
    – 1.5 Skyactiv V Hatchback A/T
    – 2.0 Skyactiv R Sedan A/T
    – 2.0 Skyactiv R Hatchback A/T
    – 2.0 Speed w/ BOSE A/T

  • Mazda 6

    Mazda 6 car model

    Image source: wikipedia.org

    The Mazda 6 is a lineup of sedans designed and created by Mazda, a Japanese automaker. The production of cars under Mazda 6 started in 2002 and still has some cars available for purchase today. Its sales ranged from 40,000 to 70,000 units per year.

    Mazda 6 Variants
    – 2.5 A/T
    – 2.5 Wagon A/T

Mazda’s list of SUV car models:

  • Mazda CX-5

    MAZDA CX-5 car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Launch Date: 2017

    Handles like a dream – probably the best phrase to describe the fantastic Mazda CX-5!

    Expand MAZDA CX-5

    Powerful Grip

    One of the reasons why the Mazda CX-5 is amazing is because of its distinct driving feel. As reported by fellow motorists, the powerful – and satisfying – crunch of the car’s grip on pavement is apparent. And for a luxurious-looking vehicle, the high performance feel may come as a welcome surprise for some!

    Behold the Beauty

    Just take a look at it: the Mazda CX-5 is the stuff of dreams! The rear doors opens up to 80 degrees – it’s as if it’s welcoming passengers in! And the interiors are grand as well. With features such as heated seating and head-up display, this SUV truly provides the “Soul” it’s constantly marketed for.

    Going the Distance

    Another good reason why the Mazda CX-5 is such a hit is because of its efficient fuel economy. Maximize rides and go for longer distances with this fun and luxurious SUV!

    Mazda CX-5 Variants
    – 2.0 MAXX FWD A/T
    – 2.0 Pro FWD A/T
    – 2.5 Sport AWD A/T

  • Mazda CX-9

    MAZDA CX-9 car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Appreciate the definition of style and performance with the Mazda CX-9.

    Expand Mazda CX-9

    Stay in Control

    The Mazda CX-9 takes pride of its efficient predictive i-ACTIV AWD® all-wheel-drive system. An innovation that every motorist should experience, for this smart solution effectively adapts to any kind of driving condition.

    A Stylish Drive

    This crossover SUV defines what is it to be in style. Sophistication is assured, with the Nappa leather lining and sculpted aluminium integrated onto the vehicle.

    The Soul of Driving

    The Mazda CX-9 lives by this car brand’s credo of “Soul of Motion.” Emphasizing this philosophy can be seen in its driver-centric features and stylish exterior design.

    Mazda CX-9 Variants
    – 3.7L 4×4 AWD A/T

Here are some of Mazda’s list of concept car models:

  • Mazda Takeri
  • Mazda Taiki
  • Mazda Shinari
  • Mazda Senku
  • Mazda Sassou
  • Mazda Ryuga
  • Mazda Nagare
  • Mazda Minagi
  • Mazda Kiyora
  • Mazda Kazamai
  • Mazda Kabura
  • Mazda Kaan
  • Mazda Hakaze
  • Mazda Furai
  • Mazda Activehicle (1999)
  • Mazda MX-5 Superlight (2009)
  • Mazda MX-04 (1987)
  • Mazda MX-03 (1985)
  • Mazda MX-02 (1983)
  • Mazda MV-X (1997)
  • Mazda MS-X (1997)
  • Mazda Miata Mono-Posto (1999)
  • Mazda London Taxi (1993)
  • Mazda Le Mans Prototype (1983)
  • Mazda HR-X 2 (1993)
  • Mazda HR-X (1991)
  • Mazda Gissya (1991)
  • Mazda CVS (1974)
  • Mazda CU-X (1995)
  • Mazda BU-X (1995)
  • Mazda AZ550 (1989)
  • Mazda MX-81 (1981)
  • Mazda TD-R (1989)
  • Mazda SW-X (1999)
  • Mazda SU-V (1995)
  • Mazda Secret Hideout (2001)
  • Mazda RX-Evolv (1999)
  • Mazda RX-500 (1970)
  • Mazda RX-01 (1995)
  • Mazda RX 87 (1967)
  • Mazda Nextourer (1999)
  • Mazda Neospace (1999)
  • Mazda MX-Micro Sport (2004)
  • Mazda MX-Flexa (2004)
  • Mazda MX-Crossport (2005)
  • Mazda MX Sportif (2003)
  • Mazda MX Sport Tourier (2001)

Other Mazda Models

  • Mazda RX-3
  • Mazda Laputa
  • Mazda Ford Courier
  • Mazda RX-2
  • Mazda Navajo
  • Mazda R360
  • Mazda R100
  • Mazda Familia Astina
  • Mazda Roadpacer AP
  • Mazda MXR-01
  • Mazda Xedos 6
  • Mazda Cronos
  • Mazdaspeed3
  • Mazda Sentia
  • Mazda Mazda5

    Mazda5 car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

  • Mazda 737C
  • Mazda 717C
  • Mazda 121
  • Mazda 323F
  • Mazda Ford Laser
  • Mazda Efini MS-8
  • Mazda Autozam Revue
  • Mazda Ford Festiva
  • Mazda Millenia
  • Mazda Rotary Pickup
  • Mazda Sao Penza
  • Mazda AZ-Wagon
  • Mazda Biante
  • Mazda Savanna
  • Mazda Titan
  • Mazda Mazdago
  • Mazda 787B
  • Mazda Premacy
  • Mazda 757
  • Mazda 727C
  • Mazda Demio
  • Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE
  • Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid
  • Mazda AZ-Offroad
  • Mazda Familia
  • Mazda Persona
  • Mazda 929
  • Mazda3
  • Mazda MPV
  • Mazda Nasim
  • Mazda Bongo
  • Mazda RX-792P
  • Mazda MX-5 10th Anniversary Model
  • Mazda RX-7
  • Mazda Carol
  • Mazda Capella
  • Mazda Verisa
  • Mazda MX-3
  • Mazda B-Series
  • Mazda RX-4
  • Mazda6
  • Mazda Porter
  • Mazda MX-6
  • Mazda Mercury Tracer

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Photos of Mazda’s Different Types of Cars

(Photos Courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/)

Official Website of the Company:

Mazda Website

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