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Audi Car Models List

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German automobile ingenuity goes a mile farther with an exclusive brand such as Audi. With its headquarters based in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany; the classy automobile manufacturer was actually just a relaunch from its former purpose – which was, quite strangely, as a company making run-of-the-mill vehicles, as compared to its impressive line today. Nevertheless, the company is considered as the premium brand for its largest shareholder, the popular Volkswagen Group.

And nothing gets as closer for prime and choice vehicles than Audi. The name, which incidentally means “listen” in Latin (which came from the founder’s surname, August Horch, which is German for the same audible word), is meaningful, for vehicles from this brand are worth an ear – and an eye – to listen to.

Just check out the diverse technology and features that make these cars stand out from the rest of the pack:

Bodyshell – featuring a shapely body type, cars from this exclusive brand can be seen from a mile away. Best of all, it comes with a cool purpose as well: Bodyshells are 100% galvanized, guaranteed to keep rust away.

Drivetrain – one of the reasons that makes Audi really unique from other premium brands is its maneuverability, specifically, the use of all-wheel or front-wheel drives. The decision to use such drivetrains creates a unique experience for these cars, complimenting a diverse blend of high class and fun control.

LED Daytime Lights – perhaps the best feature that anyone will remember from seeing these cars is the use of LED Daytime Running Lights. The spotted feel caused by these beams do not only illuminate what needs to be seen in the road, for it also creates a signature among drivers (and passengers as well).

Audi’s success in the motoring world can be seen in these popular car models of theirs:

  • Audi A1 Model
  • Audi A4 Model
  • Audi A5 Model
  • Audi A6 Model
  • Audi A7 Model
  • Audi A8 Model
  • Audi TT Model
  • Audi R8 Model
  • Audi Q3 Model
  • Audi Q5 Model
  • Audi Q7 Model

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