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Spain is known for its spectacular routes. So when it comes to its itinerary, never miss going to the country’s spiritual trip in Camino de Santiago. Never miss seeing the culture vultures in Dali’s Catalon. Don’t forget to experience the sun kissed in Andalusia, and to bring the family in sites of Picos de Europa.

Spain’s remarkable routes are even more fun if Spaniards have driven one of the country’s top manufacturers produced by GTA Motor, Tramontana, and Tauro Sport Auto.

Top Car Manufacturers in Spain

GTA Motor (2005)

Many people confused GTA Motor with Spania Motor, when in fact both are sister companies. Both are also included in Spain’s top car manufacturers. GTA Motor produced the first supercar in the history of Spain. Ever since then, it pioneered innovation in various sports racing car models.

Its known model include the GTA Spano series (supercar).

Tramontana (2007)

Tramontana is another of Spain’s sports car manufacturer. Upon hearing its name, people automatically assumed it’s the main producer of speedy cars in the country.

Its known models include the Tramontana XTR series (supercar), V12 (supercar), and R-edition (supercar).

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Tauro Sport Auto (2010)

When Tauro Sport Auto was produced, it entirely changed the car market in Spain. It combined the idea of sports cars with luxury vehicles. At the end, Tauro Sport Auto resulted to perfection that made it to Spain’s leading car manufacturers.

Its known model include the Tauro V8 Spider series (f1 luxury sports car).


Spain has already mastered the art of perfecting sports cars. All because it’s the home of the finest and award-winning car manufacturers like GTA Motor, Tramontana, and Tauro Sport Auto.

These finest cars are perfectly built to travel around the spectacularly designed roads of Spain, and of course race with other formula one engine vehicles in the country.

Here is the full list of car brands in Spain:


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