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Full & Skoda Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Skoda Car Models List

Who would have thought that a company that originally focused its energy on creating firearms would make it even bigger in car manufacturing? This is exactly what happened with the Czech Republic automobile manufacturing company, Skoda Auto.

Skoda Official Logo of the Company

As an offshoot from an arms development company founded as early as 1859, the brand has found success only because a German automobile company wouldn’t cater to their request (an anecdote stated that the German firm only accepted requests or orders in their language, which promptly allowed the Czech company to make their own orders). Since then, the brand has enjoyed a large following, both in the consumer and race driving scenes.

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Skoda’s success can be seen in these accomplishments:

Fun Ride – mainly because the company has been going against some of the biggest names in the car manufacturing world, cars from this brand has often been thought of as something like a joke. But that didn’t stop the brand from trying. Constantly churning out cars fro the public, even some using dated models as compared to its contemporaries, has allowed the brand to survive. Also, the idea of fun, mainly because the Czech brand seems to use such distinct car designs, has allowed the company to win the hearts of many drivers.

Luxurious – showing that it can match up in almost any sort of automobile field, Skoda has been developing luxury vehicles that the driving public can enjoy. It’s an alternative, as compared to some of the known brands, that makes these cars unique. As such, the brand has won several awards from the popular car enthusiast publication, Top Gear (Luxury Car of the Year, and Family Car of the Year, both in 2009).

Skoda Car Models ListSkoda Cars Prestige Model

Image source: wikimedia.org

Race Element – cars from this brand not only look unique, they can perform in a speedy manner as well. The World Rally has seen several challenging appearances from the brand, showing that Czech technology can be a force to be reckoned with.

Here is the Full List of Skoda Car Models and Variants:

  • Skoda Yeti
  • Skoda Roomster
  • Skoda Rapid
  • Skoda Fabia
  • Skoda Joyster
  • Skoda Superb

    Skoda Superb car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Launch Date: 2015
    For that professional look and performance, make sure to drive the Skoda Superb. This Czech wonder, it’s definitely a vehicle worth the ride!

    Expand Skoda Superb

    Clever Approach

    Simply clever is how the Skoda Superb is marketed – and it couldn’t be any better than that! With all sorts of smart technology built-in (smartphone integration, impressive and innovative infotainment system, etc.), tech-savvy drivers are definitely in for a treat with this car!

    The Little Interior Details Matter

    There are a lot of interior surprises in the Skoda Superb. A cooled glove box assures passengers of cool and refreshing drinks. Built-in hooks in the luggage area provide safety and convenience. Even the ticket holder, which offers visibility and practicality, is a touch of human connection. Perhaps these details – and more – are what makes a Skoda Superb clever and fantastic. The little details matter, providing solutions that most wouldn’t even think of!

  • Skoda Mission

    Skoda Mission car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    The Skoda Mission is a concept car released by Skoda, a German automaker at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011. It was the middle release of Fabia and Octavia. This 5-seater sedan is 4300mm long and 1690mm wide.

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1900s car models:

  • Laurin & Klement A (1905–1907)
  • Laurin & Klement B (1906–1908)
  • Laurin & Klement B2 (1907–1908)
  • Laurin & Klement BS (1908–1909)
  • Laurin & Klement C (1906–1908)
  • Laurin & Klement C2 (1907–1908)
  • Laurin & Klement D (1906–1907)
  • Laurin & Klement DO/DL (1909–1912)
  • Laurin & Klement E (1906–1909)
  • Laurin & Klement EN (1909–1910)
  • Laurin & Klement F (1907–1909)
  • Laurin & Klement FC (1907–1909)
  • Laurin & Klement FCR (1909)
  • Laurin & Klement FCS (1908–1909)
  • Laurin & Klement FDO/FDL (1909–1915)
  • Laurin & Klement FF (1907)
  • Laurin & Klement FN/GDV/RC (1909–1913)
  • Laurin & Klement G (1908–1911)
  • Laurin & Klement HO/ HL/HLb (1907–1913)
  • Laurin & Klement L/LO (1909–1911)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1910s car models:

  • Laurin & Klement DN (1912–1915)
  • Laurin & Klement ENS (1910–1911)
  • Laurin & Klement K/Kb/LOKb (1911–1915)
  • Laurin & Klement LK (1911–1912)
  • Laurin & Klement M/Mb/MO (1913–1915)
  • Laurin & Klement Md/Me/Mf/Mg/Mh/Mi/Ml/300/305 (1917–1923)
  • Laurin & Klement MK/400 (1913–1924)
  • Laurin & Klement Ms (1914–1920)
  • Laurin & Klement O/OK (1913–1916)
  • Laurin & Klement RK (1912–1916)
  • Laurin & Klement S/Sa (1911–1916)
  • Laurin & Klement Sb/Sc (1912–1915)
  • Laurin & Klement Sd/Se/Sg/Sk (1913–1917)
  • Laurin & Klement Sh/Sk (1914–1917)
  • Laurin & Klement Si/Sl/Sm/So/200/205 (1916–1924)
  • Laurin & Klement T/Ta (1914–1921)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1920s car models:

  • Škoda 430 (1929–1936)
  • Škoda 422 (1929-1932)
  • Laurin & Klement Škoda 545 (1924–1927)
  • Laurin & Klement MS/540/545 (1920–1923)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1930s car models:

  • Škoda 633 (1931-1934)
  • Škoda 420 Standard/Rapid/Popular (1933-1938)
  • Škoda 637 (1932–1935)
  • Škoda Favorit (1936-1941)
  • Škoda Rapid (1935-1947)
  • Škoda Superb (1934–1943)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1940s car models:

  • Škoda Superb OHV (1946–1949)
  • Škoda VOS (1949–1952)
  • Škoda 1102 (1948-1952)
  • Škoda 1101 Tudor (1946–1949)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1950s car models:

  • Škoda 1200 (1952–1955)
  • Škoda 1201 (1955–1962)
  • Škoda 440/445/450 (1955–1959)
  • Škoda Felicia (1959–1964)
  • Škoda Octavia (1959–1964)

    Skoda Octavia car model

    Image source: wikipedia.org

    Raising the bar of motoring luxury and excellence is no easy feat, but the Skoda New Octavia Hatch definitely provides a taste of this.

    Expand Škoda Octavia

    Available Engine Options are All Outstanding

    The Skoda New Octavia Hatch, to cater to all sorts of motorists with various driving styles, offers a choice of engines. With two TSI and two TDI engines to select from, motorists will surely delight having a luxury vehicle to drive!

    Simply Clever

    The latest Skoda New Octavia Hatch lets drivers and passengers a great view into the future. Complete with tech-savvy features and smart solutions, such as innovative driver assistance systems and SmartLink connection, this is truly a car to enjoy being in.

    A Design that Means Business

    Sophistication and a bold approach to motoring can be observed in the way the Skoda New Octavia Hatch is designed. A fresh take on luxury, this car means business.

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1960s car models:

  • Škoda 1202 (1961–1973)
  • Škoda Octavia Combi (1964–1971)
  • Škoda 1203 (1968–1999)
  • Škoda 1000 MB (1964–1969)
  • Škoda 100/110 (1969–1977)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1970s car models:

  • Škoda 105/120/125 (1976–1990)
  • Škoda 110 R (1970–1980)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1980s car models:

  • Škoda Garde (1981–1984)
  • Škoda Rapid (1984) (1984–1990)
  • Škoda Favorit/Forman/Pick-up (1987–1995)
  • Škoda 130/135/136 (1984–1990)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 1990s car models:

  • Škoda Fabia first generation (1999–2007)
  • Škoda Octavia first generation (1996–2004, Tour 2004–2010)
  • Škoda Felicia (1994–2001)

Here are some of Skoda’s list of 2000s car models:

  • Skoda Superb

Video of Skoda Car Models


Photos of Skoda’s Different Types of Cars

(Photos Courtesy of https://en.wikipedia.org/)

Official Website of the Company:

Skoda Auto

Skoda Vehicle News, Trivias, Photos and Car Updates.

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