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Complete Borgward BX5 Car Model, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Borgward BX5 Car Model

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China has indeed to be proven as a giant when it comes to car manufacturing. And when we speak of SUV concepts and production, the Borgward Bx5 can be the best example on highlighting the best out of ingenuity and class that China can only deliver.

Borgward bx5 car model

Von Alexander Migl – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The force can be overwhelming, indeed, just by checking the impressive Borgward models list gleamed from the official website, but one thing is certain – this SUV is a powerhouse vehicle that will not only impress motorists, but provide them with the necessary safety, high-performing reliability, and comfort that everyone deserves.

Breaking down this Borgward Bx5 Review

Similar to our other car models reviews (and compared to other SUV models reviews we’ve done), we’ll be briefly showcasing several Borgward Bx5 features that we think you should know about.

Doing so will allow you and other readers to have a good perspective in determining if this is a winning ride (which, we can say with convenience, is an excellent vehicle!). As such, here are some features we’ll be putting the spotlight on:

Know these Borgward Bx5 Specs

The Bx5, which, similar to its larger sister vehicle, the Borgward Bx7 is the pride and joy of Foton (the brand Borgward is actually under management of the mentioned car manufacturer from China).

Borgward bx5 dimension car model

Focused as German engineered enhancement vehicle, with production done under the vast and reliable Chinese force, the Borgward name was actually a ”dead” brand which was recently brought back to production by Foton. And citing the marriage of both countries that probably are the motoring giants in the industry, one can imagine how expansive and innovative the Bx5 is.

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And when it comes to figures, numbers, or specs, the Borgward Bx5 does have some really impressive stats. Let’s focus on some measurements the make the Bx5 a sexy and powerful beast of a vehicle:

  • Wheelbase – 2,685 mm
  • Length – 4,490 mm
  • Width – 1,877 mm
  • Height – 1,675 mm tall
Determining Borgward Bx5 Variants

Additionally, the Borgward Bx5 may consider the bigger Bx7 as its main variant. Both vehicles almost identical to each other, with the Bx7 slightly edging out on dimensions and seating capacity, still do offer the same amount of driving satisfaction and passenger safety that everyone truly deserves.

Also, both the Bx5 and Bx7 are integrated with some of the best and latest motoring smart technology available in the market today. No matter the choice may be, the Bx5 (and Bx7) definitely can address almost any driver demand or need.

The Borgward Bx5 Engine is a Beast

What powers the amazing Bx5? Well, two available engine choices provide motorists the power to choose an engine that will best suit their needs! The first version, which is a 1.8 liter, four cylinder, turbocharged engine, offers a spectacular and massive motive to get on by the road.

Borgward car model list

The other, at 1.4 liters (also turbocharged), provides a lighter (but, of course, with power still apparent and ready) choice. The first choice, when gauging power and speed, has amazing stats behind it: 190 PS (5500 rpm) and 280 Nm (1750 – 4500 rpm).

The second, which is still an impressive choice, clocks in readings of 250 Nm and 150 ps. No matter the engine choice as well, the Borgward Bx5 is integrated with a six speed automatic transmission system – which allows convenient control this beast of an SUV! And with majestic engines such as those mentioned, it really now is not a surprise that the Borgward Bx5 speed is a number to match for every SUV in the market!

Also a Beauty – the Borgward Bx5 Exterior, that is

Borgward bx5 car model rear

Von Alexander Migl – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0,

What’s special with the Borgward Bx5 body type is not only does it exude strength, but grace and class as well. Highlighting not only power, but youthful vibrancy and the seamless integration of motoring smart technology, the sporty (yet even elegant) exterior design of the Bx5 is the best way to see that the future is bright for motorists on the road. Perhaps the Bx5 does want to make a statement – and do believe us here when we say that we now all want this car to be the image of the marriage of sporty and sophisticated SUV images.

Comfort and Elegance: the Borgward Bx5 Interior

Borgward bx5 interior car model

Inside, of course, contains and encapsulates that the Bx5’s message of vibrancy and innovation in the motoring world. By always placing driver and motorist comfort and needs first, Borgward has managed to create a vehicle that essentially allows anyone to enjoy and experience each trek on the streets.

Perhaps the best way to explain the interior of the Bx5 is the many available smart tech integrations and solutions. By simply navigating in a beautiful and efficient touchscreen on the dashboard, drivers can easily access apps and other features to get the groove going. Perhaps by prioritizing the infotainment features, the Bx5 does offer a sense of home for anyone lucky enough to drive or ride it.

Utmost Importance: Borgward Bx5 Safety Features

Borgward bx5 body safe car model

Of course, safety should always be placed on top of the list when it comes to creating, innovating, and manufacturing a vehicle (especially so, for an SUV). A class on its own, the many safety integrations found in the Bx5 not only provides the protection everyone needs while traveling – the ability to ease and give one the peace of mind are gifts that motorists and even passengers will truly treasure.

Borgward bx5 driver assistance car model

Borgward bx5 airbags car model

Borgward bx5 360 system view car model
Enormous: Borgward Bx5 Capacity

As mentioned earlier, the Bx5 may be a smaller counterpart to the Bx7. But providing 5 large and spacious seats, and a capable and large boot as well, one can feel the enormity that the Bx5 exudes (and, of course, this is a good thing!)

The Borgward Bx5 can give even the best European SUVs a run for their money. A thoughtful and friendly vibe, with a dash of power under the hood, this is amazing ride that will bring you the time of your life!

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