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Full & AC Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

AC Car Models List

AC Cars Limited, which was known as Auto Carriers Limited before, is an automobile manufacturer from Great Britain and is considered as one of the oldest car brands in the country.

AC Cars official logo of the company

AC Cars’ oldest vehicle originates from as old as 1903. It was first released at the Crystal Palace motor show. This car is a 20 horsepower touring vehicle but was branded as Weller, coming from the Weller Brothers of West Norwood, London.

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They later turned their name to Autocars and Accessories and started production a year after. The vehicle caught success eagerly and in 1907, they were able to release a passenger version of their first car. They called it A.C. Sociable. During the Motor Cycle and Cycle Car Show in 1912, the A.C. Sociable was considered as one of the most famous cars on London roads.

It was only in 1911 when they changed their name to Auto Carriers and moved to Surrey where they started using their famous logo. Coming from three-wheeled vehicles, AC started to create four-wheeled cars in 1913. The First World War slightly paused the production.

When the war ended, John Weller, one of the founders, started designing a new 6-cylinder engine car. As early as 1919, first versions of the said vehicle have roamed around. This vehicle has been produced up to 1963 and was considered the second longest running production motor in the world, next to the Volkswagen boxer.

AC Ace Roadster car model

Image source: wikimedia.org

Many decades have passed and AC Cars thrived successfully despite many competitors and the Second World War. They have maintained their brand for a century now and is still counting. AC Cars joined together with other automobile companies to create and produce hybrids with the latest motor technology. In 2012, AC Cars debuted their three different new models at the Geneva Motor Show.
These are the AC MK VI, AC MK II, and the AC 378 GT Zagato.

Here is the Full List of AC Car Models and Variants:

  • AC 10 open 2-seater
  • AC 12 Royal
  • AC 16 Royal saloon
  • AC 16/80 open 2-seater
  • AC Six
  • AC Invalid Carriage
  • A.C. 2-Litre
  • AC Ace
  • AC 12 hp
  • AC Aceca Bristol

    AC Aceca Bristol

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    The AC Aceca Bristol is a variation of the AC Aceca, a coupe designed and manufactured by AC Cars. This new model was first introduced in 1954. The AC Aceca Bristol has a different Bristol engine which has a higher horsepower.

  • A.C. Greyhound
  • AC MK II
  • AC single-seater
  • AC Cobra Mark II
  • AC 428 Frua
  • AC 3000ME
  • AC MK VI
  • AC 212 S/C
  • AC Ace V8
  • AC Sociable
  • AC Autocarrier
  • AC Ten
  • AC Petite
  • AC Invacar Model 57
  • AC Brooklands Aceca
  • AC 378 GT Zagato


  • AC 2-Litre


  • AC Cobra
  • AC Frua
  • AC Greyhound

Other Car Type

  • AC Invicar
  • AC Zagato Concept
  • AC Aceca

Video of AC Car Models


Photos of AC Different Types of Cars

(Photos Courtesy of https://en.wikipedia.org/)

Official Website of the Company:

AC Cars Models

Ac Vehicle News, Trivias, Photos and Car Updates.

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