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Car Models List Car Models List

Find BMW Car Models List, Reviews and Prices

BMW Car Models List

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BMW Official Logo of the Company

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or popularly just called as BMW worldwide, has got to be one of the most iconic car manufacturers in history. The brand itself is a status symbol that would equate its owners as hitting it big in life – justly and rightly so, for the company takes pride of its high German automobile technology. Its beginnings can be considered as a conundrum, for the company originally was created to make aircraft engine parts! Then again, perhaps the background on engineering feats and fast-forward technology of making things fly applies as well to land-based vehicles – it’s a marriage made in heaven, which can be seen in the company’s production of cars sporting the classy blue, black and white circular logo of theirs.

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And BMW proves how great their models are by the creative use of marketing themselves. As the brand can very well stand on its own by showcasing its current technology, the management decision of not doing so works well (which is as a direct comparison to its prime rivals).

Film – the brand takes pride of showing its vehicles on short films, creating a unique persona for their models. It also creates the impression that each vehicle (and subsequently, the drivers themselves) as using the cars as extensions of their personalities.

BMW Car Models ListBMW Marvelous Car

Image source: wikimedia.org

Art – going again with the idea of being unique and classy at the same time, BMW would often invite avant garde artists to input their designs on their vehicles. The final product (such as the colorful masterpiece, a 1975 BMW 3.0CSL done by Alexander Calder) are considered as drivable works of art.

Eco-Conscious – stepping the gas up on creating vehicles that will make a difference, the brand makes use of its unique and effective CleanEnergy technology. Each of their recently released vehicles are of the hybrid variety, which comes with both a petrol and hydrogen tank. This, of course, results in a cleaner and classier drive.

Here is the full list of BMW models and variants:

  • BMW X6
    • xDrive30d Essential A/T
    • xDrive30d Essential A/T
  • BMW 1 Series
    • M135i Hatch A/T
    • 116i Essential A/T
    • 118d Sport Essential A/T
    • 118d Urban Essential A/T
    • 116i Package A/T
    • 118d Urban Package A/T
    • 118d Sport Package A/T
  • BMW X1
    • sDrive18 Essential A/T
    • sDrive18d Package A/T
    • sDrive18d xLine A/T
    • sDrive18d Sport A/T
    • sDrive18d M Sport A/T
  • BMW 2 Series Coupe
    • Coupe M235I A/T
    • 220i Coupe Sport Essential A/T
    • 220i Coupe Sport Package A/T
  • BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
    • 218i Active Tourer Essential A/T
    • 218i Active Tourer Package A/T
  • BMW 3 Series
    • M3 Sedan Pure M/T
    • M3 Sedan DC/T
    • 318d Essential A/T
    • 320d Luxury Essential A/T
    • 318d Package A/T
    • 320d Luxury Package A/T
    • 320d Modern Package A/T
    • 320d Sport Package A/T
  • BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo
    • 20d Luxury Essential A/T
    • 20d Sport Essential A/T
    • 20d Modern Essential A/T
    • 20d Sport Package A/T
    • 20d Luxury Package A/T
    • 20d Modern Package A/T
  • BMW X3
    • sDrive18d SE Essential A/T
    • xDrive20d xLine Essential A/T
    • sDrive18d SE Package A/T
    • XDrive20d xLine Package A/T
  • BMW 4 Series Coupe
    • M4 Coupe Pure M/T
    • M4 Coupe DC/T
    • 420d Sport Essential A/T
    • 420d Sport Package A/T
  • BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
    • Sport Essential A/T
    • Luxury Essential A/T
    • Luxury Package A/T
    • Sport Package A/T
  • BMW X4
    • xDrive20d Essential A/T
    • xDrive30d Essential A/T
    • xDrive20d Package A/T
    • xDrive30d M Sport A/T
  • BMW 5 Series
    • 520d Luxury Essential A/T
    • 520d Modern Essential A/T
    • 530d Luxury Essential A/T
    • 520d Modern Package A/T
    • 520d Luxury Package A/T
    • 530d Luxury Package A/T
  • BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo
    • 520d Modern Essential A/T
    • 520d Luxury Essential A/T
    • 520d Modern Package A/T
    • 520d Luxury Package A/T
    • 520d Luxury Package A/T
    • 530d Luxury A/T
    • 530d Modern Package A/T
    • 530d Luxury Package A/T
  • BMW X5
    • xDrive30d Essential A/T
    • xDrive30d Package A/T
    • xDrive30d Experience A/T
    • xDrive30d Excellence A/T
    • xDrive30d M Sport A/T
  • BMW 6 Series
    • 640i Gran Coupe Essential A/T
    • 640i Gran Coupe Package A/T
  • BMW 7 Series
    • 730Li A/T
    • 740Li A/T
  • BMW E24
  • BMW M3
  • BMW M5
  • BMW Z4
    • Drive20i Essential A/T
    • sDrive20i Package A/T
  • BMW X6M

Photos of BMW’s different types of cars

(Photos Courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/)

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Bmw company's news, trivia, photos and updates.

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