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Netherlands may be a small country, but its success is as huge as its produced top car manufacturers. It has contributed at most 9 brilliant car brands in the market. Some of it includes the VDL Nedcar, Burton Car Company, DAF Trucks NV, and LandFighter.

Top Car Manufacturers in Netherlands

VDL Nedcar (1960)

One of Netherlands’ top car manufacturers is VDL Nedcar. It differs among other car brands, because it usually collaborates with finest car companies like Volvo Car Company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and DaimlerChrysler.

Its known models include the Mini Cooper Convertible (soft-top-down car) and BMW X1 (luxury subcompact SUV).

Burton Car Company (1993)

After at most 30 years, Netherlands created another great automotive manufacturer, Burton Car Company (BCC). As everyone expected, it produces top performing sports cars. It was even named as the perfect rally car, because of its excellent road performance and nostalgic feeling on the wheel.

Its known models include the Burton Lomax 223/224 (three to four wheeler drive), Lomax SuperVee (three wheeler vehicle), and 2CV (soft-top-down car).

DAF Trucks NV (1993)

The same year BCC was produced, came another popular car brand DAF Trucks NV. As the name utters, DAF Trucks NV manufactures motorsport trucks.

Its known models include the DAF CF series (tractors), XF series (transport trucks), and LF series (duty trucks).

LandFighter (2001)

LandFighter is Netherland’s latest manufactured automobile. Its innovation mainly focused on on-road and off-road vehicles from ATV to quad bikes to UTV SSV Side by Side.

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Its known models include the LandFighter Conquistador 6.6 (off-road utility quad ATV), Demolition 5.5 Nero (off-road sport quad ATV), and Demolition SuperSport 5.5 (award winning on-road sport quad ATV).


Netherlands had a success venture of its car manufacturers VDL Nedcar, Burton Car Company, DAF Trucks NV, and LandFighter. Each only differs from one to another, because some produce on-road to off-road vehicles. Yet, all have the features of top road performance.

Here is the full list of car brands in Netherlands:


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