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Romanian living wouldn’t be the same without eating its Mititei (grilled sausage), trying its Baclava (pastry made of nuts and honey), drinking its Tuica (strong plum brandy), celebrating its Simbra Oilor (annual sheep feast), and of course driving its Dacia (Romanian car).

Dacia is included in Romania’s largest car manufacturers. It is followed by other renowned Romanian car companies like Aro and Rocar DAC.

Top Car Manufacturers in Romania

Aro (1957)

Auto Romania or also known today as Aro is one of Romania’s top car producers. It is mainly recognized as an off-roader manufacturer of the country. Families tend to buy this kind of model, because it provides extremity throughout the family’s entire driving experience.

Aro has produced series of off-roader vehicles that gave huge impact all over Romania’s car industry.

Its known models include the Aro 10-series (mini off-roader or sports utility vehicle), M461 (classic car), and 241 (top-down car).

Rocar DAC (1968)

Romanian car Diesel Auto Camion (Rocar DAC) is another of Romania’s best car manufacturers. Rocar DAC is highly recognized for its production of trucks and buses, which are commonly used for commercial purposes.

Its known models include the Rocar DAC 112 UDM (bus) and 217 E (trolleybus).

Dacia (1966)

Another in demand car production in Romania is Dacia. Dacia is the most renown and profitable car manufacturer of the country. It is primarily because of its exquisitely designed cars and high performing vehicles.

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Its known models include the Dacia Duster (affordable SUV), New Sanders (family car), and 1310 (hatchback).


Romanian cars provide massive impact in the country’s rich culture through producing quality and top performing car manufacturers. This includes the Aro, Rocar DAC, and Dacia. Each has its distinct success in car market.

Aro’s pride is its off-roader vehicles; Rocar DAC is its commercial rides; and Dacia is its fine performing rides.

Here is the full list of car brands in Romania:


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