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Wigo Vs Eon: Dawn of Microcars

Wigo Vs Eon: Dawn of Microcars

Wigo vs Eon Dawn of Microcars

Yes we know the the title is trying to do a cheap rip-off of the new Batman Vs Superman movie, but the situation is quite similar in the Philippine market. Although not as exciting as the clash between two of the most iconic superheroes the world has seen, Toyota Wigo and Hyundai Eon although small in size are ready to make some huge waves on the Philippine shores. The small car market in the Philippines although not as big as the sedan one, has recently seen a lot of popularity in the wake of traffic ridden city roads and streets. Hence, the new age Philippine buyers with small families are showing a greater interest in compact vehicles that offer more maneuverability in heavy traffic. Both Eon and Wigo are great cars when talking about at these particular specification. But who will win the final showdown? let’s find out.


Despite the small size of this particular segment, exterior styling matters the most as it should be able to grab immediate onlooker attention. Both Wigo and Eon showcase a pretty neat exterior design and will be able to impress the average indonesian buyer. The Wigo however might excel in certain aspects, especially the size as it is 105 mm longer, 70 mm wider and 20mm taller than the Hyundai Eon. As the Eon is the company’s smallest sized vehicle till date, it offers a carefully tailored exterior design that can easily fit into the heaviest of city traffic with ease. This is due to the fact that the vehicle was designed for use in the highly populated and crumbling streets of India. Toyota Wigo on the other hand is manufactured in the neighboring Indonesia and has much larger exteriors that look much smarter than its Korean competitor.

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Wigo vs Eon Exterior


It is only natural that the smaller sized Eon is offered with a 0.8-litre engine, while Toyota Wigo underpins a 1.0-litre engine. Although both engines are pretty small sized, Wigo’s 3-cylinder DOHC engine seethes out approx 65 hp @ 6000 rpm. Hyundai’s Epsilon MPI engine on the other hand generates a much lower output of around 55 hp @ 5500 rpm. This might make the Wigo sound more powerful but thanks to the Eon’s smaller size, even the small powertrain feels pretty exciting to drive. Since the Wigo is also supplied with a choice of a 4-speed automatic transmission, the driving comfort is certainly much better in heavily crowded areas.

Wigo vs Eon Engine

Fuel Economy

The Engine size is almost proportional to the amount of fuel it consumes and looking at the Eon’s engine it certainly provides a much better fuel economy. But that doesn’t mean that the Wigo is any less in terms of providing good mileage. Hyundai has claimed that the Eon can provide a fuel economy of 18-20 kmpl in variable traffic, despite the fact that it is only supplied with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Wigo on the other hand claims a mileage of 12-13 kmpl in city traffic which improves to around 19-20 kmpl on highways. The auto-transmission variant provides even better specs in city traffic, which is also a highlighting factor in the Wigo.

Interior and Driving Comfort

Regardless of their small size, both cars offer surprisingly spacious interiors that are apt for a small family. Both vehicles can comfortably accommodate 5 passengers, but since the Wigo possesses a larger body, the headroom and leg space is much better than the Eon. Both vehicles are pretty evenly matched when it comes to interior styling and accessories and one cannot expect them to have all knick knacks that luxury vehicles offer. However, Wigo will appeal to the buyers more due to better interior comfort. Since the Wigo is also supplied with a choice of a 4-speed automatic transmission, the driving comfort is certainly much better in heavily crowded areas.

Wigo vs Eon Interior

Final Verdict:

Although both vehicles seem evenly matched, Toyota Wigo might excel in sales as it carries the Toyota brand-name. With much larger exteriors, interiors, powertrain than the Eon, the Wigo surely seems like the obvious choice for the Filipino buyer.

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