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Full & Complete List of Tatra Models, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Complete List of Tatra Models

Tatra is an automobile company from Czech Republic founded in 1850. Its first name was Schustala & Company but was then later on renamed to Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft when it included wagon and carriage in their lineup. Tatra introduced a model in 1897 and called it the Präsident automobile, which is considered as one of the first cars ever made in history.

Tatra Official Logo of the Company

Another change of name happened in 1918 and it was then called as Koprivnicka vozovka a.s. A year after, they decided to finalize the name to Tatra, which came from the Tatra Mountains, a nearby mountain range around the company’s area.

Tatra is considered as the third oldest automobile maker in the entire world right after Peugeot and Daimler. It was in the Second World War when Tatra is famous in manufacturing tank engines and trunks for the Germans. They also build all-wheel-drive trucks in the 12×12, 10×10, 8×8, 6×6, and 4×4.

Tatra year 1932 car model

Image source: wikimedia.org

The company was founded by Ignác Šustala in Moravia. He first started with his manufacturing of horse-drawn vehicles in 1850. It was in 1891 when Sustala moved in to railroad car production. Sustala then hired Hugo Fischer von Roeslerstamm as the technical director of the company. In the unfortunate death of Sustala, Hugo took charge of the company.

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The current Tatra truck models include Tatra 810, Tatra 810 C, Tatra 815-7, Terrn°1, Tatra 816 Force, Tatra 163 Jamal, and the Tatra Phoenix.

Tatra joined with another company in the name of Ringhoffer and started a new corporation named Ringhoffer-Tatra Works ltd. The company is responsible with the production of aero-engines and aircrafts in between the decades of 1930 and 1940. They successfully released the models either built under the license of another company or through their original design.

The models build under license include the Tatra T.126 and the Tatra T.131. On the other hand, the originally designed models include the Tatra T.001, T.101, T.201, and the T.301.

Here is the Full List of Tatra models and Variants:

  • Tatra Präsident
  • Tatra Rennzweier
  • Tatra 11
  • Tatra NW L
  • Tatra T77
  • Tatra T97
  • Tatra T600 Tatraplan
  • Tatra 603 B6
  • Tatra T603
  • Tatra 815-7
  • Tatra NW T
  • Tatra NW J
  • Tatra T613
  • Tatra NW E
  • Tatra 700
  • Tatra NW C
  • Tatra 158 Phoenix
  • Tatra NW U
  • Tatra 810
  • Tatra NW S
  • Tatra 15
  • Tatra V570
  • Tatra MTX V8
  • Tatra T11

    Tatra T11 car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    The Tatra T11 is a model car designed by Tatra, a Czech automaker. The T11 was first produced in 1923 and ran until 1927. It was designed by Hand Ledwinka and became the inspiration of most Tatra trucks today.

  • Tatra NW D
  • Tatra 30 Sport
  • Tatra 816 Force
  • Tatra NW B
  • Tatra T93
  • Tatra SPYDER
  • Tatra T111
  • Tatra T813 ‘KOLOS
  • Tatra 815
  • Tatra TerrNo1
  • Tatra 163 Jamal
  • Tatra T-810
  • Tatra T815-7
  • Tatra NW A
  • Tatra NW Elektromobil
  • Tatra NW F
  • MTX Tatra V8
  • Tatra T107
  • Tatra 12
  • Tatra 87
  • Tatra 77
  • Tatra 75
  • Tatra 54
  • Tatra 613
  • Tatra 80
  • Tatra 17
  • Tatra 57
  • Tatra 603
  • Tatra 97

Video of Tatra Car Models


Photos of Tatra’s Different Types of Cars

(Image source: wikipedia.org/)

Official Website of the Company:

Tatra Company Website

Tatra Vehicle News, Trivias, Photos and Car Updates.

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