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Full & Complete List of Lexus Models, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Complete List of Lexus Models

If there is one thing Lexus cars are famous about, it’s their top-of-the-line premium and luxury vehicles. It was initially presented in 1989 in the United States and is now sold globally, reaching the mark of being Japan’s largest-selling make of premium cars. Lexus has dominated over hundreds of markets in 70 countries worldwide. Moreover, the company has also ranked among the ten largest Japanese global brands in terms of market value.

lexus official logo of the company

Lexus is headquartered at Nagoya, Japan, and has operational centers built in Belgium and in California, USA. The first Lexus car models are manufactured in Japan, but the assembly was then first built outside the country in Canada in 2003. From then on, Lexus cars have already stormed the global markets of premium vehicles and even racing ones.

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In 1983, Eiji Toyoda, Toyota’s chairman, dealt out a task to construct the world’s finest car. This challenge encouraged Toyota to begin working on a top-secret project, dubbed as F1 (“Flagship One”). The F1 project’s finished product was the Lexus LS-400. This expanded Toyota’s product line and served as a flagship to bring customers an upmarket product.

Lexus Car ModelsExciting Lexus Model

Image source: wikimedia.org

In 1989, after a prolonged advancement procedure that underwent under the hands of 24 engineering teams, 60 designers, 1,400 engineers, 220 support workers, 2,300 technicians, brought about approximately 450 prototypes, and over US$1 billion in expenditures, the F1 project was finished. The LS 400 was introduced in January 1989 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and was formally sold on the succeeding September at a vast array of 81 fresh Lexus dealerships across the United States.

From dealing with thousands of dealerships along the years, finally in 1999, Lexus cars have taken part on the motorsport area under the unit, Team Lexus. They received their first victory on the Road Atlanta, led by the Sports Car Club of America and International Motor Sports Association driver Chuck Goldsborough. After entering the Rolex Sports Car Series in 2004, Lexus has won over 15 Rolex Series event races.

Currently, Lexus is offering a wide array of premium list of vehicles and car models spanning from various types and uses, their latest model being the Lexus IS III-generation. With their unparalleled customer services and high-quality vehicles and car parts, Lexus cars still has a long way to go – and they will get there real fast.

Here is the Full List of Lexus Models and Variants:

  • Lexus ES

    Lexus ES Variants
    – 350 A/T

  • Lexus ESh
  • Lexus GS

    Lexus GS Varaints
    – 350 F Sport A/T

  • Lexus GX

    Lexus GX Variants
    – GX460 A/T

  • Lexus GSh
  • Lexus IS

    Lexus IS Variants
    – 350 A/T
    – 350 Sport A/T

  • Lexus LFA

    Lexus LFA car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    The Lexus LFA is a sports car designed and manufactured by Lexus, an automaker from Japan. It followed the IS F from the F marque line of Lexus. Its production date ran from 2010 to 2012 and was assembled in Japan.

  • Lexus LFC2
  • Lexus LFLC
  • Lexus LX

    Lexus LX Variants
    – LX570 A/T

  • Lexus RC
  • Lexus RX

    Lexus RX 450h rear view car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Since 1998, Lexus RX, a mid-size luxury crossover Sports Utility Vehicle has been sold. more

    Lexus RX Variants
    – RX350 Premier A/T
    – RX350 F Sport A/T
    – RX450h CV/T

  • Lexus RCF

    Lexus RC-F car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Launch Date: 2017

    Smooth operator this car may be, for the Lexus RCF dazzles with appeal – and performs highly as well!

    Expand Lexus RCF

    If Looks Could Kill

    Probably what may catch a person’s eyes with the Lexus RCF are its grilles. Intimidating these may be, the killer looks hide impressive features that guarantee exciting yet fun rides!

    V8 Thrills

    A peek under the hood shows a surprise that’s sure to delight every motorist. The Lexus RCF’s V8 engine packs a punch – which makes this car as a popular choice among racers as well.

    Built to Last

    Perhaps what some may not notice with this stylish car is that it’s also built to endure even the toughest driving conditions. Long drives are definitely a thrill, with the Lexus RCF assuring motorists of a smooth travel experience.

    Lexus RCF Variants
    – 200h F-Sport A/T
    – 200h A/T

  • Lexus LS

    Lexus LS Variants
    – LS460L (5-seater) A/T
    – LS460L (4-seater) A/T
    – LS600hL (5-seater) A/T
    – LS600hL (4-seater) A/T

  • Lexus LC

    Lexus LC car model

    Image source: wikimedia.org

    Look no further for a luxury ride than the Lexus LC.

    Expand Lexus LC

    Luxury Found in its Craftsmanship

    The Lexus LC defines a high taste of style, yet much has to be appreciated in the finer details of the car. Hand-stitched features can be found within the car, a pride by integrating a Takumi design philosophy.

    Exquisite Navigation

    Drivers will surely be delighted with the Lexus LC’s 10.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multi-information display. Aside from the smart and innovative driver assistance, the infotainment features provided can prove to be an accent to the overall sense of class that the car delivers.

    Safety is Synonymous to High Class

    The Lexus LC takes pride with the high level of safety features it is equipped with. An All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control allows drivers to keep tabs with other vehicles on the road, giving that extra level of safety and comfort everyone deserves.

  • Lexus LC500h

  • Lexus NX

    Lexus NX Variants
    – NX200t A/T
    – NX200t F-SPORT A/T
    – NX300h CV/T

Compact Car Type

  • Lexus CT (A10)
  • Lexus HS

Convertible Car Type

  • Lexus SC

Other Lexus models

  • Lexus CT

Video of Lexus Car Models


Photos of Lexus’ Different Types of Cars

(Photos Courtesy of http://www.lexus.com/models)

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Lexus International Models

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