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Complete GMC Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

GMC Car Models List

Not only are the Japanese involved in the race of the automobile industries, but also the Americans. Being one of the world’s first most civilized countries, they will never be backed on the automobile hierarchy. And GMC is one manufacturer that is taking the industry by storm.

GMC Official Logo of the Company

GMC, or formally known as the GMC Division of General Motors LLC, is an American manufacturer that mainly focuses on the production of trucks and utility vehicles. They are offering the market with pickup and commercial trucks, vans, buses, military vehicles, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) marketed in the Middle East and North America by General Motors.

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The main company, General Motors, was founded by William C. Durant on September 16, 1908. A year after, the company purchased Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the name General Motors Truck Company was coined – where “GMC Truck” brand name came from. The sales of the company boomed by selling over 22,000 trucks on the same year alone. Relatively, history has tested the company even more through the years.

600,000 GMC trucks were produced for the use of the United States Armed Forces at the Second World War. Through the first century of existence, GMC has produced fire trucks, heavy-duty trucks, ambulances, motorhomes, transit buses, and military vehicles. Currently, GMC is manufacturing pickup trucks, SUVs, light-duty trucks, vans, and medium duty trucks.

Being co-divisions with yet another automobile giant, Chevrolet, GMC trucks are known to be virtually identical but with exceptions on the grilles and the nameplates. Basically their main difference is that Chevrolet trucks were promoted for private ownership, and on the other hand, GMC trucks were for commercial uses. Matter-of-factly, the Blue Chip series of GMC are twins with the Chevrolet Task-Force trucks. But these series were discontinued in 1959.

GMC Car Models ListSophisticated GMC Cars

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With the SUV type, GMC boasts its Terrain, a mid-size 5-door, four-wheel drive crossover that was released last 2010 and is still available at the time being. Starting from humble beginnings, GMC still has lots to offer to the speed-hungry public. With their bulky SUVs and century-old histories of trucks, GMC has indeed marked its name in the automobile industry.

Here is the Full List of GMC Car Models and Variants:

  • GMC Savana 2500
  • GMC Typhoon

    GMC Typhoon Car Model

    By Arrrghhh at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  • GMC Chevette

    GMC Chevette Car Model

    By Diego HC – Own work, CC BY 3.0,
  • GMC Motorhome

    GMC Motorhome Car Model

    By GMC pre-1978 – 1973 GMC Motorhome brochure, PD-US,
  • GMC Syclone

    GMC Syclone Car Model

    By Willyson at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,
  • GMC Sprint / Caballero
  • GMC Savana
  • GMC Classic
  • GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid
  • GMC Acadia

    GMC Acadia car model

    Image source:

    A mid-size crossover SUV that offers pleasant and exciting rides, the GMC Acadia is definitely a wonderful vehicle to drive.

    A Bold and Attractive Look

    The GMC Acadia is designed to impress. Styled with the intention to dazzle, every single detail (whether big or small) offers a unique and attractive look that’ll make any gaze at awe.

    Cargo Solutions

    Spacious and offers smart cargo adjustments, the GMC Acadia is a vehicle that will definitely address any kind of trip. Designed for passengers to seat with ease (row seats can slide and be adjusted) and an under-floor cargo area storage that’ll keep luggage safe, this SUV is akin to a dream come true!

    Finest Technology Integration

    The best and innovative motoring technology is integrated in the GMC Acadia. Connectivity is never a problem with available 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot technology; infotainment is at its finest perfect for long drives and the like.

  • GMC Savana 1500
  • GMC Canyon

    GMC Canyon car model

    Image source:

    The GMC Canyon is a small pickup truck designed and produced by General Motors. It was first introduced in 2004 as a replacement for the GMC Sonoma and Chevrolet S-10. It is named after the Colorado state. As of the moment, the GMC Canyon is still marketed in the US, Thailand, and Brazil.

  • GMC Savana 3500
  • GMC Yukon

    GMC Yukon

    Image source:

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