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Complete Complete List of Ducati Motorcycles, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Complete List of Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. is a motorcycle company from Italy. It is currently based in Bologna, Italy and is owned by Audi, a German car manufacturer, all handled and maintained by the Volkswagen Group.

Ducati Official Logo of the company

Ducati did not start with building and producing motorcycles. The founder Antonio Cavalieri Ducati with his three sons, Marcello, Adriano, and Bruno, started an electronics company in 1926. They first made condensers, vacuum tubes, and radio components on the startup company they named Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati.

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Their production flourished in 1935 which allowed them to open a new manufacturing plant in Borgo Panigale. The SIATA or Societa Italiana per Applicazioni Tecniche Auto-Aviatorie headed by Aldo Farinelli developed an engine meant to be mounted on bikes for them to run without the need to pedal. It was released in 1944 and was called the Cucciolo.

The sales of Cucciolo boomed in 1950 when the company sold over 200,000 units. The Ducati clan got interest of this innovation and then partnered with SIATA to create their own version of the Cucciolo.

The first Ducati motorcycle was released in the same year and reached speeds of up to 40 mph. It has a 15mm carburetor and a 48-cc engine. The hype of the market then turned a notch higher and became into larger motorbikes. Ducati followed this and released a 65TS cycle and Cruiser motor scooter.

Ducati 959 Panigale motorcycle model

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In 1993, the Ducati Monster was released. It is one of the most popular Ducati motorcycles covering half of the whole sales of the company since day one. It was introduced by Miguel Angel Galluzzi with several versions throughout the years including the 620, 695, 696, 750, 796, 900, S2R, and S4R.

Here is Our Partial List of Ducati Motorcycle Models and Variants:

  • Ducati 860 GT
  • Ducati 998
  • Ducati 125 Bronco
  • Ducati 1299
  • Ducati 400SS
  • Ducati 959
  • Ducati Diavel
  • Ducati Monster 696
  • Ducati Paso
  • Ducati 916
  • Ducati 450 Scrambler
  • Ducati Pantah
  • Ducati Supermono
  • Ducati Streetfighter S
  • Ducati MH900e
  • Ducati PaulSmart 1000 LE
  • Ducati 1198
  • Ducati 1965 Mach 1
  • Ducati Super Sport
  • Ducati 899
Photos of Ducati Different Types of Motorcycles

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Official Website of the Company:

Ducati brand

Ducati Vehicle News, Trivias, Photos and Car Updates.

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