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Full Complete List of Morgan Models, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Complete List of Morgan Models

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Retro stylings, with the added bonus of high-performance zoom. This is what any kind of motorist can expect from the very exclusive British automobile manufacturing group, the Morgan Motor Company.

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What makes this company such a hit for collectors worldwide is the high-class appeal that each of their vehicles provide – which, in guarantee, a single model that they manufacture is guaranteed to be different from the rest (both against their rivals and their own models).

Listed below are some of the main reasons why Morgan is a supreme name in the motoring world:

Definitely Unique – each car model from this company is specifically made by hand. Because of this, waiting list on purchasing a car from the company may take one to two years (and in the past, as long as ten years). The unique detail and precision put into each car assures its owners that the car is a sure one-of-a-kind machine.

Definitely Fast – Morgan cars do not only look good – they perform equally at best as well. Because of the lightweight materials used during each car’s assembly, performance is top-notch, with speed being a high variable in the mix.

Morgan Car Models ListMorgan Classic Model

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Looks to Kill – each car out of this company’s assembly line features a look that distinctly screams high class. Sporting great looking headlights, coupled with the intricate details incorporated by the company’s mechanics, the brand does stand out in a major (and expensive) way. The common look featured on the brand’s cars are retro, which brings in the fun in each ride.

Here is the Full List of Morgan Models and Variants:

  • Morgan Aero 8
  • Morgan AeroMax
  • Morgan Classic

    Morgan Classic Variants
    – Plus 4 (4-seater) M/T
    – Plus 4 (2-seater) M/T

  • Morgan Roadster
  • Morgan +4
  • Morgan V-Twin
  • Morgan Eva GT
  • Morgan Runabout
  • Morgan 1909 Runabout
  • Morgan Since 2012 Morgan Three Wheeler

    Morgan Three Wheeler Variants
    – Superdry M/T
    – Standard M/T

  • Morgan Since 2012 Morgan Roadster 3.7
  • Morgan Since 2012 Morgan Aero Plus 8
  • Morgan Since 2012 Morgan Aero Coupe
  • Morgan Since 2011 Morgan Anniversdary 4/4
  • Morgan Since 2009 Morgan 4/4 Sport
  • Morgan Since 2005 Plus 4
  • Morgan Since 2004 V6 Roadster
  • Morgan Since 1936 4/4 Two-Seater and Four-Seater
  • Morgan 2011–pending Morgan Plus E
  • Morgan 2011 Morgan Plus 4 SS
  • Morgan 2010–pending Morgan Eva GT
  • Morgan 2010–2012 Morgan Aero SuperSports

    Morgan Aero SuperSports car model

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    The Morgan Aero SuperSports is a new version of the AeroMax, a coupe type Aero 8. This lineup is designed and produced by Morgan motors, a British automaker. The difference of the SuperSports among other members of the lineup is its targa-designed roof which can removed from the main chassis.

  • Morgan 2008–2009 Morgan AeroMax
  • Morgan 2006-pending Morgan Lifecar
  • Morgan 2001–2009 Aero 8
  • Morgan 1985–2000 Plus 4
  • Morgan 1968–2004 2012- Plus 8
  • Morgan 1964–1967 Plus 4 Plus
  • Morgan 1950–1969 Plus 4
  • Morgan 1932–1952 F-Series 3-wheeler
  • Morgan 1911–1939 V-Twin 3-wheeler

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