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MG Car Models List

MG Official Logo of the Company

MG is an automobile (sports car) manufacturing company based in Great Britain and is registered as MG Car Company Limited. It begun in the 1920s as only a sideline for the sales promotion in Oxford city retail sales. MG cars is very popular for their two-seater open sports cars. They also manufacture coupes and saloons.

It was heard that the name “MG” stands for Morris Garages. This business was actually Morris’s personal property but not until July 1935 when he sold it to his other company, the Morris Motors Limited. This started the constant changing of ownership to the company starting with the joining of Morris with Austin in 1952 to The British Motor Corporation Limited.

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MG was then hailed as the MG Division of BMC in 1967 and was merged to create the British Leyland Motor Corporation. In 2000, The company signed a deal and became part of the MG Rover Group. The MG brand was then bought by a Chinese company named Nanjing Automobile Group for £53 million.

There was a debate on when the MG Car Company actually started although the first cars that they released both have the Morris and MG badges and was registered a trademark on May 1, 1924 by Morris Garages.

The first cars of the company were actually reinvented Morris models which used coachwork from Carbodies of Coventry and were manufactured and built in Alfred Lane, Oxford. The demand was high at that time, forcing the production to move at a larger plant in Bainton Road in 1925.

MG Car Models ListBreathtaking MG Model

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Motorsport was also a priority to the company since its first days of operation. They created a series of racing cars such as the 1934 Q-Type and the 1931 C-Type to sell to enthusiasts on the racing world. Although this production stopped when MG was merged with Morris Motors.

Here is the Full List of MG Car Models and Variants:

Concept Cars

  • MG CS – 2013
  • MG ICON – 2012
  • MG EV Concept – 2014
  • MG 3

    MG 3 car model

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    MG 3 Variants

    – MG 3 1.3 STD AMT
    – MG 3 1.3 LUX AMT

  • MG 350

    MG 350 Variants

    – MG 350 1.5L STD AT

Concept Cars

  • MG GS

    MG GS car model

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  • MG GT

    MG GT car model

    Image source:

    MG GT Variants

    – MG GT 1.5 VCT STD AT

  • MG 5

    MG 5 car model

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    The MG 5 is a small car designed and produced by MG, a British automotive company. It was first launched in 2012 and was released the same year in China. Its concept version was introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2011. This 5-door hatchback is powered by a 1.5-Litre VTi-Tech engine.

    MG 5 Variants

    – MG 5 1.5L STD AT

Global Cars

  • 3Form
  • 3Form Sport
  • 3Style
  • 3Time
  • Diesel S
  • Diesel TS
  • Diesel TL

Other MG models

  • MG 18/80
  • MG ZT
  • MG F-type Magna
  • MG MGC
  • MG EX-E – 1985
  • MG Metro – 1980–1987
  • MG R-type
  • MG Magnette ZA
  • MG 1300
  • MG SA
  • MG ZR – 2001–2005
  • MG WA
  • MG D-type Midget
  • MG XPower SV
  • MG N-type Magnette
  • MG 14/40
  • MG L-type Magna
  • MG Midget
  • MG M-type Midget
  • MG P-type Midget
  • MG MGA
  • MG F / MG TF
  • MG MGB
  • MG Magnette ZB
  • MG 14/28
  • MG Magnette Mark IV
  • MG Q-type
  • MG Magnette Mark III
  • MG X-Power WR
  • MG J-type Midget
  • MG C-type Midget
  • MG T-type
  • MG 18/100
  • MG ZS
  • MG VA

    MG VA car model

    Image source:

  • MG KN
  • MG 7
  • MG-Lola EX257
  • MG K-type Magnette
  • MG Y-type
  • MG 6
  • MG 1100

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Photos of MG’s Different Types of Cars

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