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Full Complete List of Honda Models, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Complete List of Honda Models

Honda Official Logo of the Company

If you can dream it, then it can happen – gigantic Japanese car manufacturer, Honda, has managed to make this simple phrase a reality. It started with its founder’s Soichiro Honda’s simple interest on automobiles, or to state it as a matter-of-fact, as a hobby.

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Since then, the company’s progress has grown to such size, that the brand has been a top choice for both race and common drivers as a trusted name on car performance. It’s slogan, the power of dreams, is quite fitting for its endeavors, whether it be for the motoring scene or its other achievements in engineering.

List of Honda carsGorgeous Honda Model

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Honda’s accomplishments can be categorized into these:

i-VTEC – the company’s ingenuity on creating high-performance engines can be seen in its i-VTEC (intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control) technology. By having optimum control on the camshafts (on the timing and lifting aspect), higher performance is guaranteed.

VSA – the company considers car safety as a high factor. Such is its investment on its crash test technology, where every scenario is considered to avoid fatal accidents. The VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) is one such technology that helps correct steering problems that may result from sudden control changes.

Tuning – probably one of the reasons why every racer considers cars from this brand as an important part in their careers is the propensity to tuning. Honda cars are known to be tuning-safe, creating stock cars (which in itself are powerful cars altogether) into speedy rides.

Here is the Full List of Honda Models and Variants:

  • Honda ZEST (2006-present)
  • Honda Vamos (1970-1973, 1999-present)
  • Honda Stream (2000-present)
  • Honda StepWGN (1996-present)
  • Honda Shuttle (1994-present)
  • Honda Ridgeline (2006-present)
  • Honda Pilot (2003-present)

    Honda Pilot car model

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    Launch Date: 2017
    Every family only deserves the best and safest rides. And the Honda Pilot can definitely provide and address those concerns.

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    Family First

    Comfort and safety for the driver and the passengers are of the utmost importance for the Honda Pilot. A Multi-Angle Rearview Camera provides visibility and assurance from collisions. The HondaLaneWatch™ system provides safety on the go.

    What a Spacious Vehicle!

    With seating capacity can fit up to eight people, and still have ample cargo space for heavy loads, the Honda Pilot can definitely help out families from all walks of life!

    Award-Winning Vehicle

    Best of all, the Honda Pilot is recognized for being a reliable car. Its awards, such as a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy of the Year, motorists are assured that this is an impressive car to own and drive!

    • 3.5 EXL A/T
  • Honda Odyssey/Shuttle (international market) (1995-present)
  • Honda Odyssey (North American market) (1995-present)
    • 2.4 EX-V Navi CV/T
  • Honda NSX (1990-2005, 2015)
  • Honda N-One (2012-present)
  • Honda MDX (2003-present)
  • Honda Life (1971-1974, 1997-present)
  • Honda Legend (1985-present)
    • 3.5 Sport Hybrid SH-AWD DC/T
  • Honda Inspire (1990-present)
  • Honda Insight, a hybrid electric vehicle (2000-2006, 2009-present)
  • Honda Jazz

    Honda Fit car model review

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    After its numerous successes in production, Honda continues its fortune by manufacturing another model called Honda Jazz, which is also known as Honda Fit. more

    Honda Jazz Variants

    • 1.5 V M/T
    • 1.5 V CV/T
    • 1.5 VX CV/T
    • 1.5 VX+ CV/T
  • Honda Fit
  • Honda FCX Clarity

    Honda Clarity car model

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  • Honda CR-V
    • 2.0 V M/T
    • 2.0 V A/T
    • 2.0 V Cruiser Edition A/T
    • .0 S A/T
    • 2.4 SX A/T
  • Honda Civic

    Honda Civic

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    Honda Civic Variants

    • 1.8 S M/T
    • 1.8 S A/T
    • 1.8 E A/T
    • 2.0 EL A/T
    • 2.0 EL Mugen A/T
    • 1.8 E CVT
    • 1.8 E CVT Modulo
    • RS Turbo CVT
    • RS Turbo CVT Modulo
    • RS Turbo CVT Modulo Sport
  • Honda Hobio (2003-present)
  • Honda Freed (2008-present)
  • Honda Fit Aria (1981-present)
  • Honda Elysion (2004-present)
  • Honda Crosstour (2010-present)
  • Honda CR-Z, a hybrid electric vehicle (2011-Present)
  • Honda Civic Hybrid (2003-present)
  • Honda City

    Honda City

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    From the first generation Honda City that was a subcompact car to the latest generation model, there is no doubt that this car model has always been one of the most reliable in the world. more

    Honda City Variants

    • 1.5 E M/T
    • 1.5 E CV/T
    • 1.5 E NAVI+ M/T
    • 1.5 E NAVI+ CV/T
    • 1.5 VX NAVI+ CV/T
    • 1.5 VX Modulo CV/T
    • 1.5 VX+ NAVI+ CV/T
  • Honda Caren (1990)
  • Honda Brio (2011-present)
    • 1.3 S M/T
    • 1.3 S A/T
    • 1.3 V NAVI M/T
    • 1.3 V NAVI A/T
  • Honda Brio Amaze
    • 1.3 E M/T
    • 1.3 S A/T
    • 1.3 V NAVI M/T
    • 1.3 V NAVI A/T
  • Honda Ballade (1982 – present)
  • Honda Airwave (2005-present)
  • Honda Acty (1977-present)
  • Honda Accord (1976-present)

    Honda Accord car model

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    The Honda Accord is a lineup of cars designed and produced by automobile giant, Honda. The first edition was released in 1976 and is still marketed today. It has been one of the most popular lineups since 1989 and has a variety of forms – hatchbacks, wagons, coupes, and crossovers.

    Honda Accord Variants

    • 2.4 S A/T
    • 3.5 SV A/T

Here are some of this Japanese brand’s list of concept car models:

  • Honda Wow
  • Honda Urban SUV
  • Honda SUT
  • Honda Step Bus
  • Honda SSM
  • Honda Small Hybrid Sports
  • Honda S360
  • Honda Remix
  • Honda Puyo
  • Honda OSM
  • Honda N800
  • Honda MV-99
  • Honda Model X
  • Honda Kiwami
  • Honda J-WJ
  • Honda J-VX
  • Honda J-MW
  • Honda J-MJ
  • Honda Imas
  • Honda HSC
  • Honda Gear
  • Honda Fuya-Jo
  • Honda FCX
  • Honda Dualnote (of DN-X)
  • Honda CR-Z

    Honda CR-Z car model

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    Launch Date: 2016

    Designed to make not just an impact in providing a safe ride, but as well contribute in saving the environment, the Honda CR-Z is a hybrid electric car perfect for environmentalists.

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    Green Energy

    Known to be one of the cleanest cars ever made, the Honda CR-Z is proud to be recognized by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV).

    Optimized Power

    Hybrid vehicles, though environmentally-friendly, have this stigma that they aren’t fun rides. The Honda CR-Z definitely breaks the mold out of this image, by being a hybrid that can come with a six-speed manual transmission system.

    That Honda Style

    Impressive as well is the CR-Z’s unique and iconic style that Honda can only provide. It’s a eco-friendly yet eye-catching ride!

    Honda CR-Z Variants

    • 1.5 M/T
    • Modulo M/T
    • 1.5 CV/T
    • Modulo CV/T
    • Mugen M/T
    • Mugen CV/T
  • Honda ASM

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Here are some of this Japanese brand’s list of racing car models:

  • Honda 2008 RA108
  • Honda 2007 RA107
  • Honda 2006 RA106
  • Honda 1969 R-1300
  • Honda 1968 RA302
  • Honda 1968 RA301
  • Honda 1967 RA300
  • Honda 1966 RA273
  • Honda 1965 RA272
  • Honda 1964 RA271

Here are some of this Japanese brand’s list of racing car models:

  • Honda 1963–1967 T360
  • Honda TN360/TN-III
  • Honda TN-Acty
  • Honda Quint Integra
  • Honda 2004–2009 Honda FR-V, a 6 seater
  • Honda 2004–2009 Edix
  • Honda 2002–2011 Element
  • Honda 2002–2008 Mobilio Spike
  • Honda 2002–2007 That’s
  • Honda 2000–2004 Life Dunk
  • Honda 1999–2009 S2000
  • Honda 1999–2009 S2000
  • Honda 1999–present HR-V
    • 1.8 S CV/T
    • 1.8 E CV/T
    • 1.8 E Modulo CV/T
    • 1.8 EL CV/T
    • 1.8 EL Mugen CV/T
  • Honda 1999–2004 LaGreat
  • Honda 1999–2003 Avancier
  • Honda 1998–2002 Capa
  • Honda 1997–2002 Torneo
  • Honda 1997–1999 EV Plus, an electric vehicle
  • Honda 1996–2010 Partner Van
  • Honda 1996–2002 S-MX
  • Honda 1996–2002 Orthia
  • Honda 1996–2001 Logo
  • Honda 1995–2003 Saber
  • Honda 1994–2002 Passport
  • Honda 1993–1998, 2008–2010 Crossroad
  • Honda 1993–1997 Rafaga
  • Honda Mobilio

    Honda Mobilio

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    Honda Mobilio Variants

    • 1.5 E M/T
    • 1.5 V CV/T
    • 1.5 RS w/ Nav CV/T
  • Honda 1992–2004 Domani
  • Honda 1992–1997 CR-X del Sol
  • Honda 1992–1995 NSX-R
  • Honda 1991–1996 Beat
  • Honda 1989–1997 Ascot
  • Honda 1988–1994 Concerto
  • Honda 1985–2007 Integra
  • Honda 1985–1997 Today
  • Honda 1983–1991 CR-X (a.k.a. Ballade Sports CR-X or Civic CR-X)
  • Honda 1981–1999 Street
  • Honda 1980–2002 Ballade
  • Honda 1980–1985 Quintet
  • Honda 1978–2001 Prelude
  • Honda 1973–1974 Life Pick-Up
  • Honda 1972–1974 Life StepVan
  • Honda 1972 1300
  • Honda 1970–1974, 1998–2002 Z
  • Honda 1969–1972 N600
  • Honda 1967–1970 N360/N400
  • Honda 1966–1970 S800
  • Honda 1966–1967 L800
  • Honda 1965–1966 SM600
  • Honda 1965 L700
  • Honda 1964–1967 T500
  • Honda 1964–1966 S600
  • Honda 1963–1964 S500

Honda latest car models:

  • Honda BR-V

    Honda BR-V

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Other Honda Models

  • Honda Life Dunk
  • Honda Civic GX
  • Honda Civic GTi
  • Honda That’s
  • Honda Mobilio Spike
  • Honda Quint
  • Honda Integra
  • Honda S600
  • Honda CR-V Limited Edition
  • Honda Domani
  • Honda Concerto
  • Honda N360
  • Honda Ascot
  • Honda HR-V
  • Honda L700
  • Honda T360
  • Honda Prelude
  • Honda S500
  • Honda Beat
  • Honda Crossroad
  • Honda Torneo
  • Honda S800
  • Honda Stepwgn
  • Honda Today
  • Honda Logo
  • Honda CR-X del Sol
  • Honda 1300
  • Honda Avancier
  • Honda S-MX
  • Honda Orthia
  • Honda CR-X
  • Honda Z
  • Honda S2000
  • Honda Capa
  • Honda Civic Type R
  • Honda EV Plus
  • Honda Passport
  • Honda Accord Hybrid
  • Honda Element
  • Honda Z600

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