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Full Foton Car Models List, Vehicle Lineup and Model Range

Foton Car Models List

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Foton official logo of the company

Beigi Foton Motor Company Limited, or Foton, is a Chinese automobile manufacturer of buses, sport utility vehicles, trucks, and agricultural machinery. It is currently residing in Chaping, Beijing, China, and is a secondary company of the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd.

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It was founded on August 28, 1996. Not only with the aforementioned vehicles, Foton also built a van they called Foton View which is a copy of Toyota’s Hiace H100. After a decade of its existence, Foton has ventured with Cummins Inc. to build light-duty diesel engines. Foton then again formed a partnership with Pulead Technology Industry Co. in 2009 to design and manufacture vehicle batteries.

In 2011, Foton started selling their products in India. Their globalization continued and unveiled their bus factory located in Brazil to sell more products on the American and European markets.

In the future, Foton plans on building an assembly plant in Colombia to support their growing markets in Latin America. They also consider on building one at India.

Foton Thunder car model

Right now, they have worldwide branches located in Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and in the Philippines. They now currently own assets of up to 5 Billion Yuan and employ 29,000 workers. These increasing numbers has put Foton Motors to the 43rd spot on the Top 500 China’s Most Valuable Brands.

Foton’s buses include the Foton AUV, Foton AUV New Directions, Foton AUV panoramic Unlimited, and the Foton AUV Pioneer Europe. On trucks, Foton is now selling the Foton Auman series, the Foton Aumark series, the Foton Ollin series, and the Foton Orland series.

On their minivans, they have Foton MP-X and Foton View on the market. They are also selling SUVs like the Foton Saga and the Foton SUP. Lastly, for pick-up trucks, they sell the Foton Tunland.

On sales as of 2011, Foton Motors has successfully sold a total of 640,400 vehicles.

Here is the Full List of Foton Models and Variants:

Light Duty Trucks

  • Foton Tornado
  • Foton Tornado 2 MPV
  • Foton Tornado 2 Double Cab
  • Foton Tornado 2E Cosposite Van
  • Foton Tornado 2.5
  • Foton Tornado 2.5 Dump Truck
  • Foton Tornado 3.5
  • Foton Tornado 3.5 Crane Truck
  • Foton Tornado 3.5 Self-Loader
  • Foton Tornado 3.5 Ref Van
  • Foton Tornado 3.5 Wing Van
  • Foton Tornado C 3.5 Drop Side
  • Foton Tornado C 4.5 Composite van

Heavy Duty Trucks

  • Foton Auman
  • Foton Auman Jones
  • Foton Auman Lion
  • Foton Auman Kunlun Mountains
  • Foton Auman Shenzhou
  • Foton Auman H4
  • Foton Aumark
  • Foton Forland
  • Foton Forland King Kong
  • Foton Forland Ruiwo
  • Foton Ollin Beyond
  • Foton Ollin MRI
  • Foton ETX Hurricane
  • Foton Hurricane Dump Truck
  • Foton ETX420 4X2 Tractor Head
  • Foton ETX420 6X4 Tractor Head
  • Foton GTL 6X4 Tractor Head
  • Foton ETX340 6X4 Dump Truck
  • Foton ETX280 6X4 Cargo Truck
  • Foton ETX280 6X4 Wing Van
  • Foton ETX Crane Truck
  • Foton ETX340 6X4 Transit Mixer

Passenger Vehicles

  • Foton Thunder
  • Foton Thunder Ironman
  • Foton Thunder Strike
  • Foton Toplander

    Foton Toplander car model

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    The Foton Toplander is an SUV designed and manufactured by Chinese automaker, Foton. It is actually the first SUV introduced by Foton who is popular for their heavy trucks. This 7-seater SUV is a 4×4 drive and has basic features.

  • Foton Transvan
  • Foton View Transvan
  • Foton Traveller
  • Foton View Traveller
  • Foton View
  • Foton View Ambulance
  • Foton Toano
  • Foton Grator
  • Foton MP-X
  • Foton View Express
  • Foton View Express Passenge
  • Foton View Ireland Act

Heavy Machineries

  • Foton Wheel Loader
  • Foton Road Roller
  • Foton Motor Grader
  • Foton Forklift
  • Foton Excavator
  • Foton Backhoe Loader


  • Foton AUV New Directions
  • Foton AUV panoramic Unlimited
  • Foton AUV Pioneer Europe


  • Foton Saga
  • Foton SUP


  • Foton Tunland

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Photos of Foton’s Different Types of Cars

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